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The Subject Index: Helping journalists find you

Your subject index headings are the most important feature of your listing. Your choice of headings:

Tells journalists, editors and researchers you have expertise in the subject they are looking up, and;

Leads them directly to your company organization.

More than 21,000 carefully chosen headings reflecting an extremely wide diversity of topics are available to you in the Sources Subject Index. A Subject Index Advisory Committee reviews headings to make sure they reflect recent developments as well as current norms in the information sciences.

To select or review the headings under which you want journalists to find you, a good way to start is by going through the Subject Index in your copy of Sources and look for headings which are relevant to your organization, headings that best highlight your specific areas of expertise.

To help you find the subject headings most appropriate to you, we have also developed lists of headings arranged by broad category (e.g. Law, Health, Science and Technology) and by somewhat more defined sub-category (e.g. Criminal Law, Dentistry, Computers). We can send you a list of headings in the category which is relevant to you at your request, or you can look at and download the lists of headings from this website.

If you need more than 40 subject headings to fully describe your organization, you may list yourself under additional headings at $5 per heading.

Remember, the number of calls you'll receive from the media directly relates to the number, newsworthiness and specificity of your headings.

If you'd like to discuss your headings further, please feel free to call us.


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