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Oprah Blames Hormonal Imbalance on Preventing Weight Loss: Expert Explains Hormone Health in Best Selling Book

May 29, 2009

London, UK – May 28, 2009 – When Oprah Winfrey devotes several consecutive TV shows to a personal issue, her vast fan base is certain to make the issue a popular water-cooler topic of conversation.

In this case, the subject is hormones, and Oprah recently lamented how she′d been "from one doctor to another" and was "tired of traditional doctors telling her that her hormones were within the `normal range′ and that she was fine" -- even though she knew something was wrong.

She now knows hormonal problems were at the root of her problems, which over the years included sleeplessness, depression and weight gain.

With Oprah bringing celebrity attention to the topic, Dr. Natasha Turner, a leading naturopathic doctor and author of the national best seller "The Hormone Diet" takes the issue one step further and is set to discuss the topic of hormone imbalance, in particular, as it relates to weight problems.

Hear Dr. Turner Speak On Hormones During a Free Tele-seminar on June 4
Dr. Turner will deliver her hormone advice during a free telephone interview to be moderated by Maryon Stewart, founder of the Natural Health Advisory Service, an organization created to help people deal with health, nutrition and ageing issues naturally. Call-in details for the free tele-seminar, which will be conducted on June 4, are available at the Website

"It′s sad, because unfortunately the misdiagnosis or medical mismanagement of hormonal concerns is an all too familiar story," says Dr. Turner.

"I′ve heard from hundreds of patients, many of whom proceed to describe their symptoms through tears of frustration and are upset because their doctors just didn′t listen, or only prescribed antidepressant medications."

Hormones Control Appetite and Stimulate Metabolism
Since hormones control a person′s appetite and stimulate metabolism, achieving and maintaining hormonal balance plays an essential role in achieving lasting fat loss. No matter how an imbalance manifests on the outside, the internal reality remains the same—any hormonal imbalance leads to difficulty losing weight and increased risk of obesity.

Weight loss and wellness are next to impossible until a person brings her hormones back into balance.

"Until now, the prevailing approach to conquering fat loss has been like putting a broken arm in a sling without first resetting the bone," says Dr. Turner. "Yes, diet and exercise are essential, but the solution to enduring fat loss success must include a rebalance of our hormones--since these are the complex chemicals truly running the show."

While hormone issues affect both sexes, females are more prone to problems, especially with the loss of estrogen as aging progresses. Which is why it′s important to understand and treat the subtle signs of hormone imbalance as soon as possible.

"I′m looking forward to speaking with Dr. Turner, since she brings fresh insight and new information on a topic that′s close to my heart," says Stewart, herself a respected expert on hormones and natural health remedies. "Our bodies are wired to send us signals when something isn′t right, but all too often we′re too busy to read the signals and give them the attention they deserve."

You′ll find more information on weight loss and hormones at While at the site, take the hormone survey and sign up for the free telephone workshop with Maryon Stewart and Dr. Turner who will answer your questions on hormone health.

About Maryon Stewart
Maryon Stewart is well known in both the UK and Australia as a pioneer in the field on non-drug medicine. She is also founder of the Natural Health Advisory Service, an advisory clinic created to help people deal with health, nutrition and aging issues naturally. The NHAS is active in the fields of health education and research, and specializes in treating patients using scientifically tested natural methods without the use of drugs. Maryon has written 25 self-help books and is the presenter of the Really Useful Health Show on TV.

About Natasha Turner
Natasha Turner is a leading naturopathic doctor and authority on hormone and digestive concerns. She is the founder of the Clear Medicine a Canadian Wellness Boutique that provides integrative health care. As a health consultant and educator, Dr. Turner lectures across North America and appears frequently in the media and has contributed to two commercial weight loss programs. She is the author of the newly released book "The Hormone Diet" available at

For more information contact:
Jan Howells
Natural Health Advisory Service Press Office
Phone: 01432 820610

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