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You and I...Searching for Tomorrow

Rimmer, Robert H.
Resource Type:  Book

Letters to author Robert H. Rimmer about non-traditional sexual experiences and explorations, such as group marriage.


Table of Contents

1. How to Avoid Fungibility
2. Marriage 2000, a Participation
3. Letters from Couples Searching for Couples, or Reaching for Proposition 31
4. Letters of Experiences with Group Living
5. Letters from People Re-discovering Themselves
6. Letters from People Living in Threesomes, or the Yale Marrat Approach to Life
7. Letters with New Approaches to the Undergraduate Interpersonal Experience, or Harrad College in the Making
8. Letters from the Alive, the Joyous, the Curious, the Wondrous
9. The Naked Crunch

The Harrad Letter


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