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Eight Little Piggies
Reflections in Natural History

Gould, Stephen Jay
Publisher:  Norton, New York, USA
Year Published:  1994   First Published:  1993
Pages:  479pp   ISBN:  0-393-31139-2
Library of Congress Number:  QH45.5.G66   Dewey:  575'.001 -- dc20
Resource Type:  Book

Essays on natural history.


Table of Contents

A Reflective Prologue

Part I. The Scale of Extinction
1. Unenchanted Evening
2. The Golden Rule" A Proper Scale of Our Environmental Crisis
3. Losing a Limpet

Part II. Odd Bits of Vertebrate Anatomy
4. Eight Little Piggies
5. Bent Out of Shape
6. An Earful of Jaw
7. Full of Hot Air

Part III. Vox Populi
8. Men of the Thirty-Third Division: An Essay on Integrity
9. Darwin and Paley Meet the Invisible Hand
10. More Light on Leaves
11. On Rereading Edmund Halley
12. Fall in the House of Ussher

Part IV. Musings
13. Muller Bros. Moving & Storage
14. Shoemaker and Morning Star
15. In Touch with Walcott
16. Counters and Cable Cars

Part V. Human Nature
17. Mozart and Modularity
18. The Moral State of Tahiti - and of Darwin
19. Ten Thousand Acts of Kindness
20. The Declining Empire of Apes

Part VI. Grand Patterns of Evolution
21. The Wheel of Fortune and the Wedge of Progress
22. Tires to Sandals
23. Defending the Heretical and the Superfluous
24. The Reversal of Hallucigenia

Part VII. Revising and Extending Darwin
25. What the Immaculate Pigeon Teaches the Burdened Mind
26. The Great Seal Principle
27. A Dog's Life in Galton's Polyhedron
28. Betting on Chance - and No Fair Peeking

Part VIII. Reversals - Fragments of a Book Not Written
29. Shields of Expectation - and Actuality
30. A Tale of Three Pictures
31. A Foot Soldier for Evolution



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