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Canada’s Austerity Agenda: It’s About the Taxes

Labonté, Ronald

Publisher:  Healthy Policies
Date Written:  12/11/2013
Year Published:  2013  
Resource Type:  Article

Austerity policies pose major threats to the public’s health. Ronald Labonté argues that the austerity agenda in Canada stems not from a crisis in finances, but from a crisis in fair taxation,



"To repeat: there is no fiscal crisis. There is a taxation crisis. We are not living with scarcity where everyone must tighten his or her belt. We are living in an era of egregious inequality where increasing amounts of global income are escaping the redistributive bite of the taxman, transfer-priced or squirreled away in the (still burgeoning) number of offshore financial centers (aka ‘tax havens’). Most of these are located within or under the protection of the world’s wealthiest countries, the same ones now hollowing out their tax-gutted welfare states.
Canada’s tax crisis is not exclusive. It can be found in most of the world’s countries, engaged in a revenue race to the bottom in order to attract or retain foreign investors."


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