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Blueprint for a Green Economy

Pearce, David; Markandya, Anil; Barbier, Edward B.
Publisher:  Earthscan, Toronto, Canada
Year Published:  1989  
Pages:  192pp   ISBN:  1-85383-066-6
Resource Type:  Book

A set of practical proposals for financing a sustainable environment.


Table of Contents


1. Introduction
The idea of sustainable development
Sustainable development as a bequest to the future
Economy and environment
Valuing the environment
Anticipatory and reactive environmental policy
The challenge of global pollution
Natural adaptation
Policy response
Summarizing the sustainable development approach to environmental policy
Growth versus the environment?

2. The Meaning of Sustainable Development
Economic development, development and economic growth
Environment, development and growth
Sustainable development
Sustainable development and the environment
Sustainable development as non-declining wealth
Sustainable development as non-declining natural wealth
Sustainability as resilience
Various meanings of constant capital stock
Importing and exporting sustainability
Conclusions on the meaning of sustainable development

3. Valuing the Environment
Economics and environmental values
The uses of monetary measures
Monetary values of national environmental damage and benefits
Total economic value
Total economic value and decision-making
Direct and indirect valuation
The hedonic price approach
Examples of hedonic price estimates of environmental quality
Contingent valuation
Travel-cost approaches
More on existence value
Empirical measures of option and existence value
Conclusions on valuing the environment

Annex: Difficulties in the Application of Estimation Techniques

4. Accounting for the Environment
Environmental accounting: the physical approach
Environmental accounting: the monetary approach
Environmental accounting: a physical or monetary approach?
The treatment of environmental accounts in the United Kingdom
Conclusions and recommendations

5. Project Appraisal
The basic analytics of project appraisal
Valuing environmental dammage
An additional approach to project appraisal: integrating sustainability into cost-benefit analysis

6. Discounting the Future
The nature of discounting
Discounting and the environment
The environmental critique of discounting
Conclusions on "environmental critiques" of discounting
Discounting and natural resources
Should discount rates be adjusted because of environmental concern?

7. Prices and Incentives for Environmental Improvement
Levels of the economy at which sustainable development incentives are required
Markets and prices
The proper pricing of products and services
Making the polluter pay
Who is the polluter?
Sustainable development and the PPP
What are market based incentives?
A carbon tax
The proper pricing of natural rescources
Integrative environmental policy and market-based incentives
Incentives and energy conservation
Conclusions on pricing for sustainable development

Annex 1: Sustainable Development - a Gallery of Definitions



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