The Jewish Tribune

Canada's largest Jewish newspaper. Mission: To provide a credible printed voice for the issues and objectives pursued by B'nai Brith Canad and to provide a newspaper which is topical, and reflects the diversity of interests and opinions of Canadian Jews, through news coverage, op-ed columns and feature articles.

15 Hove St., Ste. 100
North York, ON
M3H 4Y8

Phone: 416-633-6224
FAX: 416-633-6299
World Wide Web:

Publisher: Frank Dimant
Owner: B'nai Brith Canada
Circulation: 100750  Subscription: $18.00  Frequency: Weekly
Extra Data:

Norm Gordner, Editor
Phone: 416-633-6224

Subject Headings:
  • Human Rights
  • Jewish Affairs
  • Jewish Community

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