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Sources Corporate Profile

SOURCES has been a leader and innovator in the information and database field since 1977, when the first SOURCES contact directory for reporters and editors landed on journalists’ desks across the country. Sources was the first directory designed specifically for journalists and their specialized information needs.

SOURCES gave news media professionals fast and easy access to a wide range of experts and spokespersons. A carefully designed Subject Index made SOURCES a powerful tool for finding exactly the right expert on an astonishingly wide array of topics.

SOURCES quickly became the bible of Canadian newsrooms. The company went on to develop other specialized information resources, including Embassy Row, a directory of all foreign countries’ diplomatic representatives to Canada, and Fame and Fortune, a comprehensive listing of awards for writers and journalists.

SOURCES was an innovator in making the information in its directories available on the Internet. The Sources Web site was launched in 1996, and quickly became a key Internet resource for news and media professionals. An indication of the high regard the Sources site enjoys is the hundreds media- and research-related Web sites around the world have set up links from their sites to

Parliamentary Names & Numbers is a comprehensive directory of Canada’s federal and provincial governments which SOURCES has been publishing since 1994. Parliamentary Names & Numbers lists all federal and provincial legislators with their responsibilities and their contact information, as well as federal and provincial ministries, agencies and crown corporations, federally registered lobbyists, political parties, and Canada’s embassies abroad. Parliamentary Names & Numbers is an online directory which is also available online and in database and mailing list formats.

Media Names & Numbers, published since 2000, is a directory covering Canada’s print and broadcast media and their key contact people. Included are daily newspapers, community, weekly, campus, and ethnic publications, trade and consumer magazines, TV and radio stations and networks, news and wire services, press galleries, scholarly and professional journals, newsletters, and media-related associations. Media Names & Numbers is available online and also in database and mailing list formats.

In addition, SOURCES publishes The Sources HotLink, a web resource on media relations (available online at