Canadian Embassies, High Commissions and Consulates

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South Africa

Canadian High Commission

P.O. Box 683
Cape Town 8000, South Africa
Phone:  27 (21) 423 5240
FAX:  27 (21) 423 4893

Consulate of Canada - Durban

213 Stamford Hill Road
Durban, South Africa 4001
Phone:  27 (31) 303-9695
FAX:  27 (31) 312-1989
E-mail:  vnaidu@digitot.comj

Canadian High Commission Trade Office - Johannesburg

P.O. Box 1394
Parklands, Johannesburg, 2121, South Africa
Phone:  27 (11) 442-3130
FAX:  27 (11) 442-3325

Canadian High Commission - Pretoria

Private Bag X13, Hatfield
Pretoria, South Africa 0028
Phone:  27 (12) 422- 3000
FAX:  27 (12) 422- 3052

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