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e-Archive Internships

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Organization:Connexions Information Sharing Services
Connexions offers a four- to six-month unpaid internship as an e-Archivist: working on developing a Web-based electronic archive of alternative publications and resources. The project involves the digitization and e-publishing of print materials produced by activists, organizers, and community groups. Materials being digitized include newspapers, newsletters, posters, flyers, and other printed materials. Responsibilities include scanning materials, including OCR scanning of text, proofreading, conversion of materials into HTML and PDF formats, page design, subject indexing, abstracting, link creation, research, copyright checking, and correspondence.

You will gain solid experience in working with an information clearinghouse with a 37-year history of compiling, preserving, and publishing materials concerned with social justice and activism.

You should have enough relevant education/experience to feel comfortable with this kind of work, a near-obsessive concern for accuracy and detail, an excellent command of English, and the ability to work well with others. A sense of humour always helps.

For individuals with interest in the project but with less time to commit, part-time volunteer positions are also available.

The Connexions office is in downtown Toronto.

To apply, or for more information call 416-964-1511 or visit
Contact:Ulli Diemer

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