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Editorial Interns - Writer, Editor & Social Media

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Organization:Career Insider Business
Did you spend thousands of dollars on tuition and hundreds of hours in class to become a gofer? We didn't think so.

You want to showcase your skills to get that dream job after you graduate. We can help you.

We publish a career website for business students ( and are launching another one for engineering students. Our mission is to inform and inspire students about the possibilities that are out there after graduation. We are looking for ambitious student journalists who want to build a portfolio that will impress future employers.

Do you want to write about a business or engineering student who's doing something interesting? Let's talk about it.

Do you want to interview an up-and-coming executive or entrepreneur developing a ground breaking technology? We can arrange it.

Do you want to work on social media or produce videos? Not a problem.

For more information, contact us at or 416-534-9572.
Contact:Wallie Seto

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