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Praise from those listed in Sources

Organizations, companies, and individuals have been using - and praising - Sources since 1977. Here is a sampling of their feedback and experiences, going back through the years.

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Through my listing in Sources I've been featured in a full-length article in Canadian Living Magazine, been interviewed by Canada A.M., and an Ottawa radio station - not to mention acquiring long-term clients. It's been a wonderful investment for me personally and my bureau, Speakers Gold.
Cathleen Fillmore,

Shortly after the Summer issue [of Sources] came out, I received a call from a freelance writer. She writes for the Globe and Mail. Weekly, there is a personal financial profile of an individual and an expert is asked to comment. Well, I was the expert (she found me in Sources) and the article was published. The article led to me receive two calls from prospective clients who have substantial amounts of money to invest. Am I convinced about the merits of listing in Sources? That goes without saying.
Dick M.A. Hass, B.A.

Sources continues to give us regular contacts with journalists and those interested to learn more about the naturist/nudist lifestyle, and we have felt very satisfied with its effectiveness and your reasonable rates. Thank You!
David Basford, Federation of Canadian Naturists, president

I just wanted to say that I've dealt with Sources as a client and I would recommend them very highly as a place to work. I've found everyone I dealt with to be professional, knowledgeable, friendly and helpful above and beyond the call of duty. I had my calls returned promptly, my questions answered - all in all I found the people to be a joy to deal with which is a rarity in this age when a lot of people have forgotten that they are in a service industry. These folks care and they're good at what they do.
Susan Stern

I can honestly attest a listing in Sources works!
My listing, as an "individual" recently brought me three, count'em THREE inquiries in one week. These led me:

  1. Being quoted nationally by The Canadian Press news service, including a reference on the website. The subject was computer generated ads during the Super Bowl.
  2. Being heard locally on Majic 100 in Ottawa on the future of Arts funding.
  3. helping an entrepreneur decide her future in the hot beverage industry in Vancouver.
    My specially tailored listing for individuals has proven that an "expert" doesn't always need a huge company behind them to be helpful and credible to media.

I can strongly recommend, with no reservations whatsoever, a listing for any Canadian individual who possesses expertise and wants to share it in a way that will generate favourable and priceless publicity. Thank you Sources!
John J. Corcelli

When we started the Friendly Stranger - Cannabis Culture Shop - 12 years ago, we had no idea what we were getting into. We founded the company as a means to educate and raise awareness to cannabis related issues. Due to the nature of our business we managed to generate a substantial amount of media attention. It all started when the local police force came in to shut down the shop after we had been open a couple of months. Having City TV as our neighbour made it quite easy to make it to the six o'clock news! Having had that happen the story snowballed with all the major networks and newspapers coming in to cover the story. It was the positive spin in the media that kept our establishment alive, while generating an amazing traffic flow through our shop!

As the immediate threat died away, so did the all the free publicity. We were approached by Sources and told that an ad with them would ensure that reporters looking for a contact on our issue would find us.

Indeed they have. Over the past 12 years we have generated hundreds of news articles, television spots and radio show placements. Having set ourselves up to be a voice for this issue - Sources was the link that led many reporters directly to us for the answers they were seeking. Thank you Sources!!
Robin Ellins, The Friendly Stranger Team

Because Sources has given us quick and easy access to journalists and their research staff in every aspect of the news collection-print, radio, television and the internet- we have seldom, for example, needed to issue a press release to have our voices heard on topical events. This has meant that we have been able to maximize the potential effectiveness of our policy positions within the chronic confines of limited time any of us have on a volunteer basis. Imaginative reporters have simply found our listing in Sources and concluded we would have views to offer on a wide range of issues related to mass media. This vital access for us to the news rooms of the nation has made our annual purchase of a listing in Sources a top Priority. Sources enables us to amplify our message. I am a strong believer that all organizations with important information and opinions to share with the community should invest in a listing in Sources. Especially small non-profit organizations, because for them a Sources listing will level the playing field with much larger organizations, as well as attracting funding and winning new members. Sources helps all organizations make their voices heard when and where it counts.
Rose Anne Dyson, Ed. D., Media Consultant

I am happy to pen a few words about our experience with Sources. Hoping to serve as a gateway resource for mainstream journalists seeking credible and qualified experts on such topics as piercing, alternatives psychosexualities and fetishes, BOUDOIR NOIR has been listed since 1993 in Sources, the media reference book used in newsrooms and TV/Radio stations across Canada. As a direct consequence of our listing, non-exploitative, accurate stories quoting BOUDOIR NOIR were printed in Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Toronto Sun, Xtra, Now, Quota and Winnipeg Free Press.

Further, co-publishers Robert and Mary Dante have appeared on CBC Newsworld, The Shirley Show, Jane Hawtin Live and numerous radio talk shows. So -- is being listed in Sources good for your company? Take it from us: while most magazines are downsizing or disappearing, our little niche publication is growing. We have found that being listed in Sources gives your credibility a boost with mainstream media, allows you to put your two cents' worth into discussions about vital issues and increases your visibility.

Bottom line: If you believe in your company, this is one of the better investments you'll make.
Robert Dante, Publisher, BOUDOIR NOIR

Peace Magazine contains important information and ideas about the causes and costs of war in man parts of the world. Only a few thousand people have access to it in printed form but by being on the World Wide Web of Sources it means that many more can become aware of the magazine and its contents. Being listed in the Sources resources book means that people can call us directly to get opinions, order a magazine, or to find our about related organizations. We know that CBC uses it because they call us either for comment on current affairs or to request that one of us take part in one of their discussion programmes. We always oblige as it enables us to get our ideas out to more people. W do send CBC a free copy of the magazine but it would seem they prefer to go directly to Sources which is quick and easy to use. Other broadcasters have called too but not as often as CBC. In future I will endeavor to be more diligent in finding out how people got our name.

We use it as a reference in the office. We find the listing of the names of people in the various organizations, businesses, etc. helpful since it puts a human face on an impersonal ad and allows us to direct a call to a particular person and so save time. The Parliamentary Names & Numbers source book is marvelous as we frequently need to call Ottawa and it gives us the precise phone and fax numbers we want.

I am listed in the ad for the Canadian Research Committee on Taxation on page 205. Only my home number is listed but even though I'm not there much of the time I get many calls and they all tell me they got my name from Sources.
Jean Smith, Director, Peace Magazine

The purpose of this letter is to indicate how pleased I am with my Sources listing. As a direct result of the listing I have been interviewed by several trade publications, the Ottawa Citizen and by two CBC television stations, one in Regina and one in Ottawa.

In addition I am now a regular contributor to Computer World magazine which came out of an interview with them concerning emergency measures planning around the Y2K problem. The interview and subsequent article that I wrote have generated several good leads.
One of the best aspects of the listing is that the interviews and the television appearances have all been great fun as well as providing an opportunity to promote and expand my business.

You may rest assured that I will be renewing my listing.
Bertram J. Cowan

Our listing generates enough calls to prove that there are indeed legions of reporters and editors who find Sources as important an information tool as I did.
Lisa Dutton, Goodman and Carr

Our listing generates enough calls to prove that there are indeed legions of reporters and editors who find Sources as important an information tool as I did.
Lisa Dutton, Goodman and Carr

On behalf of Sleep/Wake Disorders Canada, I would like to thank you for the tangible value that our listing in Sources provides. Sleep/Wake Disorder Canada, with Chapters/contact people in every Province, is an important avenue for disseminating information and helping those across the country with sleep/wake disorders. Media therefore plays an essential role in assisting us to reach out to Canadians across the country. We have found that the modest amount we invest in our listing in Sources pays for itself many times over. It has helped us gain priceless exposure, to let people know that we exist, that we can help them, of our resources. The most recent example was an interview on Metro Morning on CBC Radio in Toronto. We were able to educate about sleep/wake disorders, as well as promote our resources. Our toll-free phone number was publicized as part of the interview. The producer of the item found us, of course, through Sources. Sleep/Wake Disorders Canada directs a significant effort in our public awareness campaigns and the value of ongoing attention to reaching out to the public through the media cannot be over-estimated in our opinion. Thank you again for your unique and effective service to reach the media and through the media promote our aims and objectives.
Ben Devins, National Co-Ordinator, Sleep/Wake Disorders Canada

We found Sources to be far and away the best of all the listing organizations with which we have had any experience. Repeatedly when we inquire of media calling from across the continent, from Forbes Magazine to local community media as to how they found us, the answer is Sources...
David Orchard

More than half our initial media contacts come directly through Sources.
Dr. Jim Sugiyama, Medical Reform Group of Ontario

Sources is it! Speakers Bureau International subscribes to assist its speakers.
We get calls out of the blue from far away places asking for an expert in some subject or other. Sometimes it is to find out factual information about professional speakers and professional bureaus for articles in The Report on Business (Globe & Mail). The National (CBC) Financial Post and so on.
When I ask how did your hear about us "Sources where else?" is the answer and they are most surprised I asked.
Barbara L. Kincaide, President, Speakers Bureau International

The number of calls we receive from the media continues to escalate. It seems every time another crisis about the prison system hits the news, I find I receive more inquires from even farther afield. "Helping to educate the public about prisons, parole and the police" has taken on an entirely new dimension with advent of Sources. Thanks.
Prisoners' Rights Group

Let me tell you why we value Sources as a vehicle to reach the news media community. First, your operation is professional. When my budget is under the microscope I know I can justify Sources. You've got the numbers. The professional communicators who receive Sources really use it. I talk to them and I've confirmed this time and again. Our corporate communications budget is limited. That makes Sources all the more attractive. We get value for every dollar.
Don McKibbin, APR, Director, Corporate Communications, Connaught Laboratories Limited

For several years we didn't advertise in Sources, thinking that every journalist in Canada would know of U of T and the media services our office provides. But when we renewed our ad two years ago we discovered we were wrong in our assumption. Journalists, who had never before contacted us, started calling, saying they had seen our promise of "30-minute service" in Sources. While our advertising is small, I have absolutely no reservation about continuing with Sources. It's certainly proved its worth to us.
Senior Media Relations Officer, University of Toronto

The listing in Sources made it very easy for us to help reporters needing information in the areas we are involved in, and it helped us to tell our story. The Sources listing gained Vellum national media coverage, resulting in valuable new contacts, and new business in typesetting and consulting. Our listing in Sources has proven to be the most productive advertising expenditure we have made.
Jeff Evans, Co-Founder and former Sales Manager, Vellum Print and Graphic Services, Inc.

As one of the sources listed in Sources, I would like to offer my own testimonial as well on the occasion of your tenth anniversary. Since Trent is located 90 miles outside Toronto, we rely on Sources, among other things, to inform journalists of our existence as well as our academic specialties. I must give credit to Sources for the number of times I have received telephone calls, at the office or at home, from reporters across the country, inquiring about issues related to Trent, or looking for expert advice on some of the specialties of our faculty.
I have no hesitation in saying that advertising in Sources is the best advertising investment I make each year.
Susan E Wheeler, Director of Communications, Trent University

Holy Uppercuts! Your magnificent reference, Sources, has over the last coupla' years, doubled my work load. Suddenly, the world at large has discovered us. And it makes me preen like a Champion...
Sources was an idea whose time has come. It's a fast, efficient and unimpeachable 'Source' of valuable and urgent information...and too, a great way to let the country know that we exist. I've had some 200 calls from just about every media. Electronic, printed and in the odd case, by smoke signal. Thanks for the great exposure.
Tony Conrad Unitas, President, Canadian Boxing Hall Of Fame

Since renewing the CNA's listing in Sources, and commenting on the usefulness of the service, I have received yet another indication of its value. Last Friday, I received a call from CHMM Radio in Winnipeg requesting a 15-minute taped interview. The show's host, Dudley Patterson, opened the interview by stating (on air, yet!) that the CNA was listed in Sources, "so let's find out what they have to say on the subject of nuclear power in Canada". The interview as well handled and objective.
Michael W. Lewis, Director of Information Services, Canadian Nuclear Association

The calls came from newsrooms in all parts of the country. Several of the calls were from major news offices with which I had worked on national "Catholic Church" stories in the past. However, many, many others were from news people I did not know and bureaus with which I had not worked. They had obtained my after hours number from your Sources Directory. It meant losing a night's sleep. But then that's one of the joys of an Information officer. It also meant we were able to be of service as the story was breaking.
Bonnie Brennan, Director, Information Office, Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops

I've been listed in Sources for a couple of years now, ever since I launched my own radio program. I admit I was a little apprehensive at first. I didn't think anyone would contact me, especially since I was becoming a member of the media myself. But on the advice of a friend who works in public relations, I listed, then waited.

In the first couple of months I didn't get any response. But when the media did start to call, well, they just keep calling.

Most of the response has come from television producers. Prior to starting my own radio show I had appeared regularly on CityTV and Pulse24 as an automotive authority, mostly on their call-in program "Auto Shop". Since listing in Sources, I've appeared on Global, CTS and Goldhawk Live. When I asked the producers and reporters where they found me, the answer was always the same - "Sources"!

Now I get calls almost every other week to appear on television. I have even been approached by two major networks to consider producing my own television show. (I'm giving serious consideration to their offers but remain focused on radio for the time being.)

Out of curiosity I recently did a Google search of my name on the Internet. I was amazed to see what came up! Not only did my Sources listing appear first on the list, but also I am quoted in a number of online magazine articles and appear on web sites sponsored by some of the television shows I've been on! I can't believe all the media coverage I've gotten, just from listing in Sources.

So I'm here to tell you that listing in Sources does work. If response is slow in coming, be patient. You'll get a call just as soon as your area of expertise is of interest to a reporter or broadcaster somewhere in Canada. Your day will come and it may even last a whole week!

Known to many radio and television audiences as the "Neighbourhood Mechanic", Dave Redinger is Canada's authority on most things automotive. He can be reached at (905) 567-5500 or
Dave Redinger

We received a good number of calls from the media resulting from Sources so we are pleased with our entry! We have found our listing in Sources to have been most effective, and we have been called many times on various matters resulting from our listing.
Philip F. Jones, Humanist Association of Canada

Sources fulfills a unique role of matching journalists with business, government and social service contacts. Both parties benefit.... Your directory will always be part of our marketing effort. If is published by those who understand what journalists want.
David Rowney, Manager, Public Relations, Ernst & Young

Sources is one of the most important and well-thumbed media tools that I know of.
Naomi Nemeth, Ontario Trucking Association

We consider our being listed in Sources invaluable.
Anne-Marie Letendre, Corporate Promotion, TV Ontario