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Public Speaking Phrases: A to H




A fact of vast moment

A few words will suffice to answer

A further objection is

A great many people have said

A little indulgence may be due to those

A majority of us believe

A man in my situation has

A more plausible objection is found

A proof of this is

A servile mind can never know

A short time since

A specific answer can be given

A thought occurred to me

Able men have reasoned out

Above all things, let us not forget

Absolutely true it is

Abundant reason is there

Accordingly by reason of this circumstance, in the aftermath after a careful study of all the evidence.

After full deliberation

After reminding the hearer

After this it remains only to say

Again, can we doubt

Again, I ask the gentleman

Again, in this view

Again, it is quite clear that

Again, it is urged

Again, let us compare

Again, very numerous are the cases

Again, we have abundant instances

Against all this concurring testimony

All confess this to be true

All I ask is

All of us know

All that I will say now

All the facts which support this

All the signs of the time indicate

All these things you know

All this being considered

All this is historical fact

All this is very well

All this suggests

All this we take for granted

Allow me for a moment to turn to

Allow me to tell a story


Altho I say it to myself

Amazing as it may seem

Am I mistaken in this


Among many examples

Among the distinguished guests who honor

Among the problems that confront us

An answer to this is now ready

An argument has often been put forward

An example or two will illustrate

An indescribably touching incident

An opinion has now become established


And again, it is said

And again, it is to be presumed

And coming nearer to our own day

And did a man try to persuade me

And do you really think

And everybody here knows

And for myself, as I said

And further, all that I have said

And hence the well-known doctrine

And here again, when I speak

And here allow me to call your attention

And here I am led to observe

And here I come to the closing evidence

And here I have an opportunity

And here I reproach

And here I wish you to observe

And here let me define my position

And here let me give my explanation

And here let us recall to mind

And how is it possible to imagine

And I am bound to say

And I beg of you

And I call on you

And I might say this

And I refuse assent

And I rejoice to know

And I say, it were better for you

And I should in like manner repudiate

And I speak with reverence

And I submit to you

And I trust that you will consider

And I will make a practical suggestion

And I will tell you why

And I would, moreover submit

And if a man could anywhere be found

And if any of you should question

And if I know anything of my countrymen

And if I may presume to speak

And if I take another instance

And if this be true

And if you come to a decision

And if you think it your duty

And in conclusion

And in like manner

And in order to see this

And in thus speaking, I am not denying

And is not this lamentable

And is there not a presumption

And it happens

And it is certainly true

And it is doubtful if

And it is not difficult to see

And it is not plain

And it is one of the evidences

And it is precisely in this

And it is strikingly suggested to us

And it is undeniable, I say

And it is well that this should be so

And last of all

And lest anyone should marvel

And let it be observed

And lo! and behold

And more than this

And next I would ask

And now allow me to call attention

And now behold a mystery

And now consider

And now having discussed

And now I beg that I may be permitted

And now I go back to the statement

And now I have completed my review

And now I have said enough to explain

And now I must touch upon one point

And now if I may take for granted

And now it would be very pleasant for me

And now observe how

And now, sir, what I had first to say

And now supposing this point to be settled

And now that I have mentioned

And now the chief points of it

And now the question is asked me

And now, to close, let me give you

And now, to what purpose do I mention

And, of course, you are aware

And of this I am perfectly certain

And quite as difficult is it to create

And right here lies the cause

And, sir, a word

And so, again, as regard

And so I am reminded of a story

And so I leave these words with you

And so I may point out

And so I might recount to you

And so, in the other cases, I have named

And so in the present case

And so on

And so through all phases

And so, upon every hand

And sometimes it will be difficult

And that gave another distorted view

And the reason is very obvious

And the same holds good

And then again

And then hastily to conclude

And then I may be reminded

And then there is another thought

And then when it is said

And there are reasons why

And there is also this view

And therefore am I truly glad

And therefore it is not unfrequently quoted

And therefore it is not without regret

And this brings me to the last thing

And this is really the sense

And this leads me to say a word

And thus consistently

And thus it is conceivable

And thus it seems to me

And thus we are led on then to further question

And to all this must be added

And to return to the topic

And to this conclusion you must come

And unquestionably

And we are brought to the same conclusion

And what do you suppose will be

And when I have shown to you

And when I recall that event

And when we pass beyond the bounds of

And where, let me ask

And why should I insist

And will you still insist

And with these thoughts come others

And yet I can not but reflect

And yet I feel justified in believing

And yet I think we all feel

And yet let me say to you

And yet one more quotation

And yet this notion is, I conceive

And yet though this be true

And yet we ought, if we are wise

And you may also remember this

Another circumstance that adds to the difficulty

Another consideration which I shall adduce [adduce = cite as an example]

Another instance of signal success

Another of these presumptions

Another point is made as clear as crystal

Another reason of a kindred nature

Another reflection which occurs to me

Another sign of our times

Another signal advantage

Another striking instance

Answers doubtless may be given

Are there not many of us

Are we content to believe

Are we forever to deprive ourselves

Are we not startled into astonishment

Are we satisfied to assume

As a general rule I hold

As a last illustration

As a matter of fact

As a proof of this

As an illustration of this truth

As briefly as I may

As far as my limits allow

As far as this is true

As far as this objection relates

As far as we know

As for the rest

As I have now replied to

As I look around on this assembly

As I rise to respond to the sentiment

As I understand this matter

As memory scans the past

As society is now constituted

As some one has well said

As the foregoing instances have shown

As to the particular instance before us

As well might we compare

As we shall see in a few moments

Assuredly it is this

At the outset of this inquiry

At the risk of digression

At the same time, I candidly state

At the utmost we can say

At this juncture

At this solemn moment

Away then with the notion


Bat Conservation International

Be assured, then

Be confident, therefore

Be it so

Be not deceived

Be sure that in spite of

Be these things as they may

Be your interests what they may be

Bear with me for a few moments

Bearing on this point

Bees for Development

Before attempting to answer this question

Before going further

Before I close I will particularly remark

Before I come to the special matter

Before I proceed to compare

Being fully of the opinion

Being persuaded then

Believing, as I do

Beyond all question we

Bidden by your invitation to a discussion

Broadly speaking

But, above all things, let us

But after all, I think no one can say

But again, when we carefully consider

But am I wrong in saying

But apart from the fact

But besides these special facts

But can this question

But depend upon it

But despite all this

But do not let us depend

But do you imagine

But doubts here arise

But even admitting these possibilities

But everyone who deserves

But first of all, remark, I beg you

But, further, I shall now demonstrate

But, gentlemen, I must be done

But grave problems confront us

But here I am discussing

But here let me say

But how can we pass over

But how shall I describe my emotions

But however that may be

But I am bound to say

But I am certain from my own experience

But I am very sorry to say

But I am willing enough to admit

But I can at least say

But I can not conceive

But I can promise

But I cherish the hope

But I confess that I should be glad

But I digress

But I do not propose all these things

But I do say this

But I have been insisting simply

But I have heard it argued

But I have no fear of the future

But I leave this train of thought

But I may be permitted to speak

But I may say in conclusion

But I need hardly assert

But I pass that over

But I propose to speak to you

But I repeat

But I resist the temptation

But I return to the question

But I shall go still further

But I simply ask

But I submit the whole subject

But I trust that you will all admit

But I venture to assure you

But I will allude

But I will not further impress any idea

But I would earnestly impress upon you

But if I may even flatter myself

But if I seek for illustrations

But if you want more evidence

But if you wish to know

But in making this assertion

But in my opinion there is no need

But in the course of time

But is it quite possible to hold

But is this any reason why

But it does not follow from this

But it happens very fortunately

But it has been suggested to me

But it is a fact

But it is impossible for one

But it is necessary to explain

But it is no use protesting

But it is not fair to assert

But it is not my intention

But it is not necessary to suppose

But it is not possible to believe

But it is not really so

But it is otherwise with

But it is sometimes said

But it may be doubted whether

But it may happen that I forgot

But it will be a misfortune

But it will naturally be asked

But it will perhaps be argued

But it would be vain to attempt

But let me ask you to glance

But let me before closing refer

But let none of you think

But let us also keep ever in mind

But let us look a little further

But lo! all of a sudden

But mark this

But more than all things else

But my allotted time is running away

But my answer to this objection

But, my friends, pause for a moment

But never was a grosser wrong

But not for one moment

But notwithstanding all this

But now look at the effect

But now take notice of

But on the other hand

But on what ground are we

But passing these by

But perhaps I ought to speak distinctly

But perhaps you are not yet weary

But putting these questions aside

But quite contrary to this, you will find

But recollect, I pray you, how

But, sir, it is manifest

But some other things are to be noted

But some will ask me

But sooner or later

But still, I repeat

But suppose the fact

But surely, you can not say

But that I may not divert you from

But that is not all

But that must be always the impression

But the fact is

But the final value

But the greatest proof of all

But the most formidable problem

But the necessity of the case

But the question may arise

But, then, let us ask ourselves

But there is another duty imposed

But there is much more than this

But this I do not hesitate to say

But this I fearlessly affirm

But this I know

But this is a circuitous argument

But this is no place for controversy

But this is not all

But this is what I mean

But this much I affirm as true

But this warns me

But this we may put aside

But to go still further

But to say the truth

But we are met with the assertion

But we are to recollect

But we ask, perhaps

But we may depend upon it

But we think it is not wise

But we want something more for explanation

But what a blunder would be yours

But what is the fact

But what we must needs guard against

But when it is declared

But when we look a little deeper

But while it may be admitted

But who has not seen

But why do I numerate these details

But with these exceptions

But yet nothing can be more splendid

But you should know

By no means

By the way, I have not mentioned

By this time it will be suspected


Can it be supposed

Can the long records of humanity teach us

Can there be a better illustration

Can we pretend

Can you lightly contemplate

Can you yield yourselves - A hub featuring links to selected resources about Canada. - A hub featuring links to selected sources about Canada. - A hub featuring links to selected resources about Canadian sources.

Cautious and practical thinkers ask

Certain it is

Certainly I am not blind to the faults

Certainly, one can conceive

Clearly enough

Coming back to the main subject

Coming down to modern times

Coming to present circumstances

Common sense indicates


Consequently, I am not discussing this matter

Consider, I beg you, what

Contemplating these marvelous changes



Dean Tudor

Delude not yourselves with the belief

Depend upon it

Did it ever occur to you


Difficult then as the question may be

Do I need to describe

Do me the honor of believing

Do not imagine

Do not let us conceal from ourselves

Do not suppose for a moment

Do not talk to me of

Do not think me guilty of

Do we not know

Do what you will

Do you ask how that can be

Do you believe this can be truthfully said

Do you not know I am speaking of

Do you remember a concrete instance

Do you think, then

Does any man say

Does it ever occur to you

Does it not seem something like idiocy to

Does it not shock you to think

Does not the event show

Does not the nature of every man revolt

Doubtless the end is sought


Environment Canada Weather Forecasts



Every now and then you will find

Every one has asked himself

Every one therefore ought to look to

Every reader of history can recall



Facility of the Month

Far from it

Few indeed there are

Few subjects are more fruitful

Few things impress the imagination more

Finally, it is my most fervent prayer

First in my thoughts are

First of all I ask

FLAP - Fatal Light Awareness Project

For, be assured of this

For behold

For I must tell you

For if any one thinks that there is

For, in truth, if you please to recollect

For instance, I can fancy

For is it not true

For it is not right to

For let it be observed first

For mark you

For my own part, I believe

For myself, certainly I think

For observe what the real fact is

For one I deny

For, perhaps, after all

For, perhaps, some one may say

For so it generally happens

For the sake of my argument

For this is what I say

For this reason, indeed, it is

For we all know

Fortunately for us

Fortunately I am not obliged

From one point of view we are

From the circumstances already explained

From the standpoint of

From this statement you will perceive


Generally speaking

getting media coverage 

global climate change 

God be praised

Grant this true

Granting all this


Had I time for all that might be said

Had my limits allowed it

Happily for us

Hardly less marvelous

Hardly will anyone venture to say

Have I exaggerated

Have you ever noticed

Having taken a view of

Having thus described what appears to me

He is the best prophet who

He seems at times to confuse

He was an eminent instance of

He who is insensible to

Health care privatization 

Hence arises a grave mischief

Hence, as I have said

Hence it follows

Here again the testimony corroborates

Here arises the eternal question

Here comes the practical matter

Here for a moment I seem

Here, however, it may be objected

Here I am considering

Here I end my illustrations

Here I must pause for a moment

Here I only insist upon

Here I ought to stop

Here is another strange thing

Here is good hope for us

Here is no question

Here let me meet one other question

Here, then, I am brought to the consideration

Here then I take up the subject

Here then is the key

Here, then, it is natural at last

Here then, we are brought to the question

Here, then, we are involved

Here undoubtedly it is

Here we can not but pause to contemplate

Here we come into direct antagonism with

Here we come to the very crux of

Here we have it on high authority

History is replete with predictions

Hitherto I have spoken only of

Holding this view, I am concerned

How can we help believing

How do you account for

How does it happen

How human language staggers when

How infinitely difficult it is

How infinitely superior must it appear

How is this to be explained

How many a time

How momentous, then

How much better, I say, if

How much more rational it would be

How shall I attempt to enumerate

How shall I describe to you

However, I am viewing the matter

However, I will not in any way admit

However, it is to me a very refreshing thing
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