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Sources Hotlink September 25, 2014

Welcome to this week's issue of Sources Hotlink. This week we are looking into the increasing government control of the Internet and other media in countries such as Turkey and Malaysia as well as the violence faced by journalists globally. We also present articles regarding the journalistic coverage of the Ray Rice abuse scandal and the importance of women in top editing jobs. For more resources, articles, and expert opinions on these topics and many more, subscribe to Sources.

Topic of the Week: Cancer

Cancer affects the lives of millions globally and it can be challenging to find authoritative sources regarding this deadly disease. Sources makes your search easier by connecting you with experts and resources related to cancer. Sources also provides information on thousands of other topics, so for experts and stories visit Sources.com. Read more

Featured Articles on Sources.com

Family seeks medical treatment for jailed journalist Mohamed Fahmy

The family of jailed Canadian journalist Mohamed Fahmy is seeking his temporary release from an Egyptian jail for medical treatment, amid new signs that the country’s President will not step in to resolve the case.

Mr. Fahmy, Cairo bureau chief for Al Jazeera English, is suffering from hepatitis C and an injured shoulder, his brother says.

“[Mohamed] is not well, but he’s trying to stay strong,” Adel Fahmy said in an interview on Sunday, describing his brother’s condition as “life threatening.” Read more

Knife wielding man injuries three at Hong Kong media outlet

A man carrying two knives was able to enter the headquarters of Hong Kong Cable Television and injure three people, according to police reports.

At around 11 o’clock on September 22, a man aged about 20, armed with two knives, entered the building at Tsuen Wan in the New Territories and attacked three persons, including a security guard and a staff member of the news department. According to police, the alleged attacker wanted to meet a person from Cable TV to discuss his service contract with the company. When the security officer refused to let the suspect into the building, the suspect slashed at the guard. According to a report on Cable TV, the security guard’s head and hand were hurt, and the cameraman’s head was hit once by the suspect when he tried to intervene to stop the attack. The alleged attacker was also injured. Read more

Diverse voices are missing from the debate over showing the Rice video

Poynter’s resident writing coach, Roy Peter Clark, argues that such violent videos need to be made public because they create “the public outrage and outcry that pierces the shield of even such impenetrable institutions of the NFL.”

His reasoning points to a growing chasm of compassion, dignity and empathy in U.S. media that has grown from fault lines of race, class and gender.

What Clark implies is that it’s OK to use a person’s private experience — in this case, one that Janay Rice did not consent to or have knowledge of — if it serves a greater good. I take issue with his failure to mention how media routinely ignore the voices of women of color, especially those who are victims of intimate partner violence — until it happens that one of those women is a public figure. Read more

ASNE: Two-thirds of U.S. newspapers employ women in top editing jobs

The year 2013 was another gloomy year for newspaper women and men. The overall count of full-time daily newspaper staffers dropped to about 36,700 from about 38,000 last year — down about 3%. If there is a silver lining, it is that the rate of job loss slowed from the previous year, when it was down about 6%. The high-water mark for the ASNE census was 56,900 full-time newsroom staffers in 1989 — fully 20,000 more than today. This year marks the first time that ASNE has tried to identify women in the very top tier of newspaper leadership. And it comes in the wake of the firing earlier this year of the nation’s most prominent female editor — Jill Abramson of The New York Times — for issues related to “management in the newsroom.” (She was succeeded by an African-American, Dean Baquet; 15% of the papers surveyed told ASNE they had a minority journalist in one of the three top editing jobs.) Read more

Recent News Releases

Field Trip Responsibility a Two-Way Street

October 17th – 23rd is National School Safety Week, and the Canada Safety Council wishes to remind parents to remain actively involved in field trip risk management. “Parents need to be informed because every year we have tragedies that happen on school trips,” says Raynald Marchand, General Manager, Programs, at the Canada Safety Council.Field trips can be a fun way for kids to learn, but serious injury can result when safety rules are not enforced, risks aren't properly assessed or there’s a breakdown in communication. Parents play a special role in helping schools to manage risks on field trips Read more

Turkey's parliament approves even more Internet censorship and surveillance

Government agency given more power to block websites and gather user data.

Turkey’s national assembly passed two last-minute amendments today expanding the grounds under which the High Council for Telecommunications (TIB) can temporarily block websites without a court order, and allowing it to gather Internet user connection data independently of any ongoing investigation.

Coming just after the end of the Internet Governance Forum in Istanbul, the amendments showed that the Turkish authorities are ready to go even further down the road of Internet censorship. Read more

Malaysian website reporter arrested and charged under Sedition Act

Susan Loone is facing up to three years in jail over an interview with the leader of an allegedly illegal organization

Malaysiakini news website reporter Susan Loone is facing a possible three-year jail term under the 1948 Sedition Act following her arrest in George Town, the capital of the northwestern state of Penang, on 4 September for interviewing the detained leader of an allegedly illegal local organization.

Loone was arrested after she interviewed Penang state councillor Phee Boon Poh by phone while he and other members of the citizens’ militia he heads, the Voluntary Patrol Unit, were in police custody.
Read more

Delegation Visits Gaza to Provide Solidarity and Support to Journalists

Leaders of the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ), its affiliate the Palestinian Journalists Syndicate (PJS), and a number of leading Egyptian journalists have concluded a two-day solidarity visit to journalists in Gaza – the first by a trade union delegation following the cease fire on 26th August. The mission was organised by the Federation of Arab Journalists (FAJ).

The joint delegation – led by IFJ president, Jim Boumelha, PJS president, Abdelnasser Najjar, the president of the Federazione Italiana de la Stampa Italiana, Franco Siddi, and PJS vice-president Nasser Abu Baker, had to wait three days in Cairo to receive clearance from the Egyptian authorities.

They then took 36 hours to travel the 200-mile distance to the Rafah border, having to negotiate passage with dozens of Egyptian military commanders of units deployed in the Sinai to combat a protracted insurrection in what has become one of the most dangerous conflict zones in the region.
Read more

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