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Breast bondage

A model with bound breasts, in a karada body harness

Breast bondage is a bondage technique which involves the tying of rope around a woman's breasts in a visually intricate and decorative pattern. Breast bondage most commonly uses rope, but webbing, straps or a harness may also be used. A karada (Japanese for "body") is a rope dress or a rope body harness used in Japanese bondage and other BDSM activities.[1]

Breast bondage often focuses on the decorative aspects of the result, and not on immobilization of the female subject. However, breast bondage can be combined with other techniques which restrict the subject's mobility and can provide securing points for other bondage plays, such as crotch rope and tit torture.


[edit] Technique

Breast bondage featuring an elaborate technique

Breast bondage can be applied over clothing or directly to the skin, and can be worn under clothing or in full view. 1/4 inch rope, ribbon, or leather straps can be used.

The basic breast bondage technique involves tying ropes around the base of the breasts, causing them to bulge outwards. Usually, the same rope is used for both breasts so that the rope harness is automatically held together at the front. The rope may then also be fixed behind the back, to make a sort of bra. For this to work, the tied person needs large breasts.

Another technique is to put a rope around the torso just above the breasts, and another one just below them, then push the ropes together to squeeze the breasts from the top and bottom, as shown at right. This can be done instead of, or as well as, the other method. A rope can also be passed over the shoulders and between the breasts, drawing the rope above and below the breasts together, then pass back over the shoulders to the knots at the back. The primary rope can be used to place cinches between the arms and the body.

Breasts bound in Shinju
Bound breasts of a leashed submissive

[edit] Shinju

Shinju (from the Japanese 真珠 meaning pearl) is a euphemism to refer to the binding of female breasts. It has been popularly claimed that "shinju" is an authentic Japanese term for a "bikini harness". However, no such tie called a "shinju" is found in historic or present kinbaku.

The basic or foundational kinbaku form of binding the arms and breasts is known as the Ushiro Takatekote; which is to bind the arms behind (ushiro) the back in a box arm position (takate kote). This basic box arm tie originally found in the samurai martial art of hojōjutsu (捕縄術) or Nawajutsu, (縄術) evolved into its erotic usage at the end of the 19th century and early 20th century, and is foundational to most other kinbaku ties.[2]

[edit] Combination with other techniques

Combination breast, elbow and crotch bondage

Sometimes, breast bondage is combined with other bondage techniques, such as tit torture. Nipple clamps can be placed on the nipples, or other techniques can be used to achieve a greater erotic effect. Chains can also be hung from the breasts, having the advantage of increased sensational awareness through their coldness which can be increased by prepping in a freezer. In breast binding, it is also common for bandages, plastic wraps, and duct tape to flatten breasts, nipples, and areolas. Along with these forms of painful pleasure or pleasurable pain, there is breast spanking. A rare occurrence, but enjoyed by some where the breasts are spanked, much like one's posterior.

The tying of a woman's arms behind her back, in an elbow or box tie or in a reverse prayer position, when combined with breast bondage, makes her chest and breasts protrude further. When combining arm bondage, the ropes can draw the ropes above and below the breasts together at the sides of the breasts as they pass under the shoulders and behind the neck, thus resulting in rope effectively surrounding the breasts.

[edit] Effect and other uses

Apart from the visual appearance of the breasts being lifted, the pressure that is applied results in a reduction in blood flow, and a further swelling and firming of the breasts. This makes them very sensitive, especially the nipples and surrounding areas, and it can be quite pleasurable to the bound person when they are stimulated. Conversely, if nipple clamps are used, the nipples will be particularly sensitive to this and the degree of pain significantly greater. Rubber bands around the breasts have also been used with breast bondage to increase this effect still further, but can lead to a dangerous restriction in blood flow (see safety).

Breast bondage can play an integral part in suspension bondage. If the subject is being suspended, particularly in a horizontal position such as a suspended hogtie, breast bondage is used as the main supporting area under the chest. If there are ropes above and below the breasts at the upper chest, the weight of the upper body is taken by these ropes. With so much pressure in this area, the rope must be precisely placed or once again blood flow could be reduced (see safety).

[edit] Safety

Breast bondage is secured to a subject

As with any bondage scene, safety precautions should always be taken.

Where tight ropes are used, it is possible that blood flow will be restricted too much, which can cause pain and lasting damage. For this reason, thin rope should not be used. Photos of breast bondage sometimes show that the breasts have turned purple. When the breasts or nipples begin to change color or become cool to the touch, it is a warning of danger. It is better to have several short sessions rather than one long one.

If flagellation of bound breasts is to take place, only a low-impact device should be used. Binding the breast removes its natural ability to shift on impact and compacts the tissues so that any hard blow can increase the potential for damage. Rupturing, internal tearing and stretch marks are all hazards of breast suspension if not done properly. In suspension bondage, the body should be properly suspended through additional supports and not by the breasts only.

A sharp pair of scissors with blunt points for safety should be kept at hand to quickly undo the bondage in the event of an emergency.

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[edit] References

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