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Erotic spanking

Spanking with a paddle in a BDSM dungeon in New York City.

Erotic spanking is the act of spanking another person for the sexual arousal or gratification of either or both parties. Activities range from occasional sexual roleplay (such as ageplay) to domestic discipline and may involve the use of a hand or the use of a variety of spanking implements, such as a spanking paddle or cane.[1] Many cultures describe pain as an aphrodisiac. For example, the Kama Sutra, in particular, goes into specific detail on how to properly strike a partner during sex.[2]


[edit] History

Representations of erotic spanking and flagellation make up a large portion of Victorian pornography (see 1000 Nudes by Koetzle.[3]) Hundreds of thousands of engravings, photographs, and/or literary depictions of spanking and flagellation ("birching") fantasies circulated during the Victorian era, including erotic novellas like The Whippingham Papers, The Birchen Bouquet, Exhibition of Female Flagellants[4][5] or the pornographic comic opera Lady Bumtickler's Revels.[6]

[edit] Practice

Drawing of Louis Malteste for Châtie bien (1913)

[edit] Implements

A spanking may be carried out with the use of a bare hand, or with a spanking implement such as a paddle, strap, hairbrush or belt.[7]

Other implements can be used, such as a cane, riding crop, whip, switch (rod), birch, gloves, sneakers, slippers, roller-up newspapers, plastic bottles (the action is called bottling), rulers (even a yardstick) or martinet. (see Category:Spanking implements). Erotic spankings are commonly combined with other forms of sexual foreplay, such as oral sex, sexual roleplaying and/or ageplay. The most common type of erotic spanking is administered on the bare buttocks,[7] but can also be combined with bondage, in order to heighten sexual arousal and feelings of helplessness.

[edit] Costume

Spanking skirt

A spank skirt (also called a spanking skirt) has an additional opening in back designed to expose the buttocks. While the name spank skirt suggests that the wearer could be spanked "bare bottom" without removing or repositioning the skirt, this item may be worn for reasons other than spanking (for instance, exposure).[citation needed]

Considered fetish wear, spank skirts are typically tight-fitting and made of fetishistic materials (such as leather, PVC or latex).

Regardless of the gender of the wearer, spank skirts are usually considered female attire. The male gender role equivalent might be motorcycle chaps.

Other garments associated with spanking as well as humiliation are ruffled or rhumba panties, women's panties with rows of ruffles on the rear panel or outside.[citation needed]

[edit] Apparatus

Spanking bench

A spanking bench or spanking horse is a piece of furniture used to position a spankee on, with or without restraints. They come in many sizes and styles, the most popular of which is similar to a sawhorse with a padded top and rings for restraints.[8]

The 19th century British dominatrix Mrs Theresa Berkley became famous for her invention of the Berkley Horse, a similar form of BDSM apparatus.[9]

[edit] Positions

Positions which may be used to administer a spanking include:[10]

  • over the knees (OTK) or across the lap
  • stooped over a chair or couch, or bench
  • on hands and knees (bed or floor)
  • on shoulder of spanker
  • head-between-legs
  • waist-between-legs
  • kneeling on a bed or ottoman, stooped over with hands on the floor
  • bent under the arm of the spanker
  • lying face down
  • bent over, touching toes or over a desk
  • lying on back with legs raised upward and toward chest (diaper position)
  • handcuffed to a bed
  • tied to a doorway
  • tied to a tree or pole that is in a safe area outside
  • legs spread apart, almost in the splits position.

Those who are interested in the practice giving or receiving erotic spankings are sometimes referred to spankophiles.[citation needed] Examples include the poet Algernon Swinburne (as implied repeatedly in his poetry) and the philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau, as detailed in his autobiography Confessions:[11]

... Miss Lambercier... exerted a mother's authority, even to inflicting on us... the punishment of infants... Who would believe this childish discipline, received at eight years old, from the hands of a woman of thirty, should influence my propensities, my desires, my passions, for the rest of my life... To fall at the feet of an imperious mistress, obey her mandates, or implore pardon, were for me the most exquisite enjoyments, and the more my blood was inflamed by the efforts of a lively imagination the more I acquired the appearance of a whining lover."[12]

A woman is spanked, while kneeling on a specially-made bench for the purpose.

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[edit] References

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[edit] Further reading

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