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Female dominance

Female dominant and male submissive.

Female dominance (or Femdom) refers to the BDSM relationships or BDSM scenes where the dominant partner is female.

A dominant woman may often be called a domme (pronounced /ˈdɒm/), femdomme, domina, dominatrix, or simply dom. A female dominant in a master/slave relationship is often called the mistress.

[edit] Associated activities

There is no common set of activities within female dominance. The primary characteristic is that the female controls the activities to a large degree. Activities can include strap-on dildo penetration (also known as pegging), in which the dominant partner performs anal sex on the submissive partner, facesitting or smothering, which both tend to focus on the submissive partner giving the dominant partner cunnilingus, or in some instances "forced" feminization of a male partner.

Beardsley: Flagellation club in London, 1895

Practices of domination common to many BDSM and other various sexual relationships are also prevalent, such as various forms of orgasm denial, cock and ball torture, tease and denial and tie and tease, as well as ageplay, erotic spanking, cunnilingus, body worship, foot worship, ass worship, face slapping, hair pulling, caning, dripping hot wax on the genitals, heavy whipping, spitting, golden showers, forced chastity and forced homoeroticism.

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