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Stories are the heart and soul of the media. Journalism is about telling stories, and good stories require sources – human contacts, the people who provide informed comment and expertise, the people who make stories interesting and informative.

For more than 40 years, SOURCES has provided a vital networking service connecting journalists with the sources they need – the experts and spokespersons without whom the media would have no stories to tell.

SOURCES works because it connects organizations who need to get their story into the media with the reporters, editors and producers who need to find knowledgeable sources.

Media coverage: the best publicity there is

Media coverage is the most valuable kind of publicity there is because it is based on the news value or information value of what you do or say, and is therefore far more credible than paid publicity like advertising.

Being in SOURCES is an indispensable element of any proactive media relations strategy. It is indispensable because it works. Hundreds of organizations, institutions, businesses, and individuals are members of SOURCES because it works for them. And thousands of journalists use SOURCES to find experts and spokesperson because it works for them.

Multiply your impact

SOURCES is an extremely powerful tool all on its own. SOURCES also complements and magnifies your other efforts to publicize yourself. If your organizations sends out news releases, being in SOURCES ensures that they reach more relevant media outlets across the country. If you have a website, your SOURCES listing is virtually guaranteed to increase your visibility in Google searches on your key issues. If your organizations holds events you want the media to cover, you can use the Sources Calendar to alert journalists.

What is SOURCES?

The heart of the SOURCES service is the SOURCES directory, the tool used by thousands of journalists, government officials, and market researchers when they need to find spokespersons, expert contacts and reliable information for their news stories or research.

The SOURCES directory is based on the SOURCES INTELLIGENT SEARCH system utilizing a powerful cross-referenced database of subject headings. Each subject heading points journalists and researchers to the experts, spokespersons, and organizations best able to provide informed comment on that topic.

When you are in SOURCES, you ensure that they will find you when they are doing a story on your field. The SOURCES INTELLIGENT SEARCH system is designed to ensure that searchers find your SOURCES profile when they do a Google search on your key topics even if they haven't used as the starting point for their search.

Your SOURCES media profile is customized to give journalists exactly what they need, including:

  • A concise description of your organization or yourself telling them who you are and what you do.
  • The names and numbers of your media contact persons. Providing an after-hours number helps journalists working on deadline in different time zones to reach you.
  • A list of the topics and areas of expertise on which you are prepared to take media calls.

Optional elements you can add to your SOURCES media profile include:

  • A direct link from your SOURCES page to your own website
  • Your logo, or your photo if you are an individual
  • Video and audio clips that spotlight your qualities as an expert and as a speaker.

Your SOURCES membership also gives you other ways of gaining publicity, including:

SOURCES also publishes Media Names & Numbers, a comprehensive media directory listing more than 6,000 media outlets indexed by subject and location, and Parliamentary Names & Numbers, a contact directory for Canada’s federal and provincial governments.

Who uses SOURCES?

If you visit the SOURCES website at, you will see the media profiles of hundreds of institutions, businesses and organizations, large and small, as well as many individuals. Look at who they are. They are members of SOURCES because it works for them. If SOURCES works for them, shouldn't you be in SOURCES too?

Journalists and researchers use SOURCES extensively because it gives them what they need. They have made the SOURCES website one of the top-ranked media/public relations sites in the world. Hundreds of other websites link to SOURCES. Pages on SOURCES consistently show up on the top page of Google’s search results.

More than 4,000 journalists and researchers a day use the SOURCES website to find the spokespersons they need. Every time they do, each one looks at an average of five or six listings to find the most appropriate contacts to call.

Every time they use SOURCES, your media profile is right there, telling them about you.

How do you get SOURCES working for you?

We’d be happy to help you design your SOURCES listing to have the greatest possible impact. Call us at 416-964-5735 and we'll be happy to help and answer your questions. You'll also find additional information here and on the Frequently Asked Questions page.

If you’re ready to submit your profile now, simply use the Quick Listing Form on the SOURCES website or use the printable PDF form send it by email or regulr mail, or submit your information by email.

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Sources is the online directory that helps journalists find knowledgeable experts and sources. Use Sources to reach the media with your message, send out news releases, publicize your events, raise your profile, spotlight your expertise, and get publicity. is used by reporters and the news media, and also by the public to find reliable information and proven professionals, practitioners, and businesses. More information here; membership form here.