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Health Care Politics & Economics Category

The following list contains headings from the Sources® Subject Index related to Health Care Politics & Economics. If you can not print from your browser a text version is available here. For additional assistance please call Sources at (416) 964-5735.

· Accident Prevention
· Accident Reconstruction
· Accident Statistics
· Amputee Rehabilitation Costs
· Blood System
· Canadian Strategy on HIV/AIDS
· Continuing Care Reform
· Critical Illness Coverage
· Drug Costs
· Drug Spending
· Evolving Practice
· Fee-for-Service
· Health Care Access
· Health Care Cost Containment/for Employers
· Health Care Costs/Comparative Systems
· Health Care Coverage
· Health Care Decision Tools
· Health Care Delivery Models
· Health Care Information Systems
· Health Care Integration
· Health Care Knowledge Transfer
· Health Care Management
· Health Care Marketing
· Health Care Organizations/ Performance
· Health Care Privatization
· Health Care Programs
· Health Industry Management
· Health Services Administration
· Hospital Mergers
· Hospital Re-engineering
· Hospital Utilization
· International Employee Benefits
· Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs)
· Lung Health Framework
· Medicare
· National Health Expenditure Database
· Naturopathic Medicine Regulation
· Oral Health Policy
· Pharmacare
· Physician Shortages
· Primary Health Care Reform
· Private Public Partnerships (P3s)
· Regionalization/Health Care
· Royal Commission on Future of Health Care
· Two-tier Health Care
· Wait Times
· Waiting Lists

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