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Amnesty International Canada -- Media Awards & Amnesty International Canada Youth Media Award

Deadline: October 15, annually

Eligibility: These awards are to honour the efforts of journalists to increase Canadians' awareness and understanding of human rights issues. Journalists are invited to submit articles and tapes, published or broadcast between October 1 and September 30 (of the year preceding deadline) and have been produced for publication or broadcasts in Canada. Submissions should focus on areas of human rights work covered by the mandate of Amnesty International.

Value: Amnesty International Canada Youth Media Award: The winner will be announced in September 2015. The prize is $500 dollars. The winner will also later receive an Amnesty International Canada Youth Media Award Certificate at the annual Amnesty International Canada Media Awards event.

Contact: John Tackaberry

Sponsor: Amnesty International Canada

312 Laurier Ave. E.
Ottawa, ON K1N 1H9
Phone: 613-744-7667
E-Mail: info@amnesty.ca
Website: http://www.amnesty.ca

Description: Awards will be given in three categories in English and French for: National Print (including newspapers and magazines), Video and Audio (television or radio/news and documentaries), and Local/Alternative (covering newspapers and magazines). Online - a journalist product for a Canadian audience, only available online from a website where journalists have originated the content, or selected and amplified it (maximum of three entries.) Amnesty International Canada Youth Media Award: This new award is for journalism covering international or national human rights issues with particular emphasis on how they impact young people. The presentation of the award will be part of Amnesty International Canada#s annual Media Awards ceremony in the 21st year The competition is open to any student at a Canadian university, or college who has had an article published or a piece broadcast or posted in a recognized student media outlet during the period from 30 September 2014 through 30 April 2015.

Further Details: Amnesty International - Canada reserves the right to withold the prize in one or more categories if the jury is not satisfied with the quality of the submissions. Winners are announced on Human Rights Day -- December 10, annually.

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