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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is SOURCES?

SOURCES is a media service that connects journalists, editors, writers, producers and researchers with the sources they need for their work. Being included in SOURCES positions you as a media source and puts you in line to receive more media calls and more media coverage.

The benefits you receive as a SOURCES member start with your profile in the Sources directory of expert contacts and media spokespersons, which spotlights organizations, institutions, government agencies, companies, and individuals who want to share their expertise and points of view with the media. The SOURCES directory is used by thousands of reporters and researchers who need to find quotable sources and reliable information for their news stories or research. receives more than 600,000 page views every month..

members distribute their news releases for FREE via the SOURCES service, and enjoy free postings of all their public events in the Sources Calendar. Members who are authors or publishers can include their books and DVDs in the online Sources Bookshelf.

2. Who benefits from being in SOURCES?

Any organization or individual that stands to gain from more publicity and increased public awareness benefits from being in SOURCES. This includes:

  • Organizations seeking to make theirs views heard.
  • Universities, colleges and institutes who know their ability to attract funding and students is related to the reputation they achieve for their expert knowledge and research.
  • Businesses, executives, and entrepreneurs who want to be featured in the media as knowledgeable leaders in their field.
  • Associations who want their members’ views and concerns to be heard in public policy discussions.
  • Individual experts, speakers, authors, and entrepreneurs who want a higher public profile.
  • Publishers who want to promote their books, their periodicals, and their authors.
  • Charitable organizations seeking to raise their profile among potential members and donors.
  • Government bodies and public institutions looking for a cost-effective way of distributing their media releases and statements to the media. Municipal, provincial, federal, international and inter-governmental bodies and agencies are included in SOURCES and distribute news releases through the SOURCES newsfeed.
  • Tourism promotion agencies and tourist destinations such as museums and art galleries can use SOURCES to get free publicity in the form of media coverage.

Anyone who has knowledge to share or informed comment to offer on topics that are or should be in the news benefits from being in SOURCES because companies and organizations listed in SOURCES get more calls from the media and more media coverage.

3. Why is media coverage valuable?

Positive media coverage is the most credible form of publicity there is. Unlike paid advertising and other forms of marketing, media coverage is earned and grows directly out of what you do and what you know. It spotlights your successes and establishes your brand.

If your organization exists to advocate for a cause or a group, getting media coverage is crucial to getting your message out to the public, to government decision makers, to potential members and funders.

For businesses, media coverage is the best and most credible form of marketing.

For individuals pursuing careers as public speakers, consultants, or authors, media attention is a career-boosting benefit.

Media coverage is the most cost-effective form of marketing, because a single news story or TV spot about you can reach tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of people.

4. How does SOURCES work?

SOURCES.COM is the portal for journalists, reporters, editors, and researchers. The Sources directory has been a staple of newsrooms and freelance journalists’ desks for decades. SOURCES is the place journalists go to find the experts and spokespersons they need for their stories.

At SOURCES.COM they also get news releases as they appear, newsworthy events in the Sources Calendar, top news stories from around the world, and the power of SOURCES’ INTELLIGENT SEARCH system.

SOURCES’ INTELLIGENT SEARCH is based on a powerful cross-referenced database of subject headings. Each subject heading points journalists and researchers to the experts, spokespersons, and organizations best able to provide informed comment on that topic. When you are in SOURCES, you ensure that they will find you when they are doing a story on your field.

The INTELLIGENT SEARCH system is designed to ensure that searchers find your SOURCES profile when they do an Internet search on your key topics whether or not they have used as the starting point for their search. There are more than 15,000 topic focus pages on, each one of which is fully indexed by all search engines including Google, Bing, Yahoo as well as dozens of specialist search engines. A snapshot of your profile including your logo appears on every topic page that you have chosen to be listed on, together with a link to your full profile.

5. What will our SOURCES profile include?

Your SOURCES media profile is customized to give journalists exactly what they need, including:

  • A full media profile in SOURCES. For sample profiles see: #1 - #2 - #3
  • A dynamic 50-word description of your organization or yourself telling the media who you are and what you do. A French paragraph flags your ability to take calls in French as well as English. Your logo or photo adds visual impact.
  • The names and numbers of up to 15 of your media contact persons, along with their titles, phone and fax numbers, E-mail addresses, etc. Providing an after-hours number helps journalists working on deadline in different time zones to reach you.
  • Free unlimited media releases. Your releases appear online and are distributed by RSS feed. Your profile includes links to your news releases, and each of your releases guides journalists to your media profile home page.
  • Free unlimited event listings in the Sources Calendar.
  • Multiple impact: List yourself under 40 or more subject areas. You will be spotlighted on all topic pages related to your expertise. Sample Topic pages: #1 - #2 - #3 - #4
  • Promote your publications, authors, and speakers on the Sources Bookshelf and Sources Newsstand and the Author and Speaker spotlight pages.
  • Use video clips to enhance your profile and allow hosts and producers to preview you on camera. Sample videos from Sources members: #1
  • A direct link from your SOURCES listing to your organization’s own Web site is an
    excellent search engine optimization tactic.
  • Special rates on media training.

6. What does it cost to be included in SOURCES?

You can include your profile in SOURCES for as little as $349 a year forganizations and $288 for individuals. Membership is on a sliding scale based on the size of your organization. There are modest additional charges for certain optional extras like including video clips in your profile. See the Quick Listing Form for details.

7. Who else uses SOURCES to get media coverage?

Have a look. If you search the SOURCES website at, you will see the media profiles of hundreds of institutions, businesses and organizations, large and small, as well as many individuals, speakers, and authors. Look at who they are. They are members of SOURCES because it works for them. If SOURCES works for them, shouldn’t you be in SOURCES too?

8. How do we get SOURCES working for us?

We’d be happy to help you design your SOURCES listing to have the greatest possible impact. Call us at 416-988-9586 and we’ll be happy to help and answer your questions. You’ll also find additional information on the SOURCES website at . If you’re ready to submit your profile now, simply use the Quick Listing Form on the SOURCES website at or fill out the PDF version and fax your information to 416-964-8763, or submit your information by E-mail to listings [at]