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Radio-Television News Directors Association Scholarships

Deadline: Early spring, annually

Eligibility: The scholarships are open to students enrolled in a broadcast journalism course at either a college or university, or those enrolled in other college or university programs with a broadcast journalism option. These scholarships are also open to students actively involved in news at a radio or TV station on or off campus.

Value: The value of these scolarships is between $2,000 and $2,500 each. Please see descriptions below for the specific value of each award.

2175 Sheppard Ave. E., Ste. 310
North York, ON M2J 1W8
Phone: 416-756-2213
FAX: 416-491-1670
E-Mail: info@rtndacanada.com
Website: http://www.rtndacanada.com

Description: The categories are: The Dr. G.R.A. Rice Scholarship -- This is an open competition for 2nd, 3rd, and graduate students. Winners will be selected from the best entry. Value: $2,000 International Teledata Group Scholarship for Top 1st Year Student -- Only those students in the first year of a program may enter. Value: $2,000 Eric Murray Broadcast News Scholarship and Internship for Visible Minorities -- Only those persons, including abaoriginal people who are, because of their race and colour, in a visible minority, who are considered non-Caucasians in race or non-white in colour are eligible to enter this Scholarship. The winner in this category will be offered a summer job with Broadcast News of its affiliated company, Canadian Press. In order to facilitate the student being able to accept a summer job, this category will be judged separately and earlier than the other scholarships. Value: $2,000 Barbara Frum CBC Scholarship for Interviewing -- This is an open competition for all students. The person judged to be the best radio or television interviewer will be the recipient of the Scholarship. Value: $2,000 VOCM Radio Newfoundland Scholarship -- This is an open competition for all radio entries, and will be awarded to the entry which shows the "most enterprise" in radio reporting. Value: $2,000 RTNDA George Clark Scholarship -- From the winners of the five categories, the student judged to have the best overall entry will be the recipient of the Scholarship. Value: $2,500

Further Details: Contact RTNDA office for further details or to receive an entry form.

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