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National Magazine Awards

Deadline: Second week of January, annually

Eligibility: Eligibility: Canadian magazines (51% Canadian-owned) published at least twice a year. Canadian citizens or landed immigrants whose work has appeared in them during the previous year. Awards for illustrations are open only to work commissioned to illustrate an article, story or cover. Awards for photography are limited to Canadian photographers for their work and are not open to art directors. Awards for art direction are open only to art directors and their staff or freelance associates. Awards for writing are open to Canadian staff or freelance associates. Excerpts, condensations or serializations from books or books in progress are inadmissible. The same work may be submitted in more than one category provided that separate sevenfold entries and entry fees are submitted for each category. Editors are encouraged to make submissions on behalf of their writers.

Value: $1,000 gold prize, Magazine of the Year, Best Student Writer, Best New Writer; $500 silver prize; $0 honourable mentions.

425 Adelaide St. W.
suite 700
Toronto, ON M5V 3C1
Phone: 416-422-1358
FAX: 416-504-0437
E-Mail: staff@magazine-awards.com
Website: http://www.magazine-awards.com

Description: Since 1977, the National Magazine Awards has carried a mission to recognize excellence in the content and creation of Canadian magazines through an annual program of awards. The National Magazine Awards Foundation is a non-profit bilingual institution. There are 33 written, visual, and integrated categories, plus awards for Best Student Writer, Best New Writer (the Alexander Ross Award), Outstanding Achievement (the Foundation Award), and Magazine of the Year (formerly President's Medal). See website or contact NMA office for details on submissions, categories, judging, winners, tickets, board members, and other information.

Further Details: No entries will be returned. The fee for most entries is $85 payable to the National Magazine Awards Foundation. Co-financing is available for small-circulation magazines. Contact NMAF for full requirements.

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