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World Press Photo Contest

Deadline: January, annually

Eligibility: Professional press photographers and photojournalists. Black and white or colour, press photographs taken during the previous year and intended for publication. Pictures must have been taken or stories completed or first published in the previous year. Picture stories must not exceed 12 pictures.

Value: In each category both the photographer of the best single picture and the photographer of the best picture story will receive the "Golden Eye," a cash prize of EURO 1,500 and an invitation, including return flight and hotel accommodation, to attend the awards ceremony at the end of April. Winners of the second and third prizes will receive the Foundation's "Golden Eye" and a diploma.

World Press Photo Foundation
Jacob Obrechtstraat 26, 1071 KM
Phone: 31 20 676 6096
FAX: 3120 676 4471
E-Mail: office@worldpressphoto.nl
Website: http://www.worldpressphoto.nl

Description: Awards: 1. General News -- Pictures or stories of planned and/or organized events. 2. Spot News -- Pictures or stories of unscheduled events for which no advance planning was possible. 3. People in the News -- Pictures or stories of people or groups of people playing a part in the news. 4. Sports -- Action or feature pictures or stories of sports events. 5. Arts -- Pictures or stories which capture highlights or document the background to any performance or development in, for example, fashion, architecture, the visual and the performing arts, etc. 6. Science & Technology -- Pictures or stories of any achievement, development or highlight in science or technology. 7. Nature and the Environment -- Pictures or stories of natural and environmental subjects (flora and fauna, landscapes, ecology, etc.). 8. Daily Life -- Pictures or stories illustrating the richness and diversity of everyday life. 9. Portraits -- Pictures or stories/portfolios which portray public figures, celebrities and/or people in general.

Further Details: Special Prizes: The World Press Photo of the Year Award will honour the photographer whose photograph, selected from all entries, can be rightfully regarded as the photojournalistic encapsulation of the year; a photograph that represents an issue, situation or event of great journalistic importance and which clearly demonstrates an outstanding level of visual perception and creativity. The Award carries a cash prize of EURO 10,000 and an invitation to Amsterdam (including a return flight and hotel accommodation) to attend the awards ceremony at the end of April. At this ceremony the first exhibition of the season is officially opened. The World Press Photo of the Year Award winner is offered an exhibition of his/her photojournalistic work, to be opened simultaneously in Amsterdam. Children's Award -- Awarded by an international children's jury. EURO 1,500 cash prize, a return flight to Amsterdam and hotel accommodation to attend the awards ceremony.

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