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ANHRI releases annual report on freedom of expression in the Arab world in 2011
Arabic Network for Human Rights Information
ANHRI has released its annual report for 2011, under the title Freedom of Expression in the Arab World.

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Arab Women Writers' Problems and Prospects
Amireh, Amal
Against the Current
Arab critics, particularly those situated in the Arab world, are viewed with suspicion, especially when they are men writing about women. If they don't write about Arab women writers, they are chasti...
US military taps 'sock puppets'
Fake personas on social websites to manipulate and influence opinion
Fielding, Nick; Cobain, Ian; Rushe, Dominic
The Guardian
A new $2.76 million dollar 'counter-terrorism' initiative to create a pro-America online presence using fake online personas is underway. These interventions will not be conducted in English or on Ame...

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A History of the Arab Peoples
Hourani, Albert


Arab News International
Serves readers of the Arab community. Features Canadian Arab content that covers news, views and Pan Arab Canadian events.
ARC Arabic Journal
Features mixed news from the motherland and Canada, including Canadian news, stories, reports and profiles. The newspaper focuses on the Egyptian community and encourages the submission of short stori...

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