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Computers: Experts and Sources
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Donate Your Video Camera, Laptop or Work Tools to Authentic Journalists
Donate Your Video Camera, Laptop or Work Tools to Authentic Journalists
PCs - The Beginning of the End
Richard Martin
Most people don't need a powerful desktop or laptop computer for everyday tasks. Email, messaging, reading news, talking on the phone or through video conferencing, scheduling activities, budgeting, e...
Sources welcomes Steven Goldhar, President and Founder of Sundance Media Inc.
Steven Goldhar, President and Founder of Sundance Media Inc.
Sources welcomes a new member, Steven Goldhar, President and Founder of Sundance Media Inc.

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Are our household appliances getting too complicated?
Meltzer, Tom
Guardian Weekly
Tom Meltzer explains why function inflation is such a turn-off.
Computer Topic Index in Sources Directory of Experts
Spokespersons, Experts, and Resources
A subject guide to experts and spokespersons on topics related to computers and the computer industry in the Sources directory for the media.
Donate Your Video Camera, Laptop or Work Tools to Authentic Journalists
Sources News Release
Donate Your Video Camera, Laptop or Work Tools to Authentic Journalists
From Cave Paintings to the Internet
Norman, Jeremy
Jeremy Norman & Co., Inc.
Chronological and Thematic Studies on the History of Information and Media.
Know Your Rights!
Fakhoury, Hanni
Electronic Frontier Foundation
Your computer, your phone, and your other digital devices hold vast amounts of personal information about you and your family. This is sensitive data that's worth protecting from prying eyes - includi...

Sources Bookshelf

User Error
Resisting Computer Culture
Rose, Ellen


Blitz Magazine
The business of media communications.
Communications & Networking
For telecom and networking professionals.
Computer Reseller News Canada
For distributors and retailers of computer hardware and software.
ComputerWorld Canada
News and analysis of computer and networking technology trends.
Computing Canada
Information technology management.
Cross-referenced with contents from the Web. Internet culture.
G4 Canada
G4 is the ultimate on-air destination for those excited by and curious about all things related to technology. By using technology as a backdrop to entertain, amaze, and engage viewers, G4 is the life...
Government Computing Digest
For informatics managers in the public or government sector.
MarketNews Magazine
The consumer electronics, digital imaging, and computing industry.
Monitor Magazine
Computer and online news for home and home-based business computer users.
Network World Canada
For medium and large-sized companies. News and analysis about LAN's and WAN's, telecommunications services, and new trends in computers and networking.
Physicians' Computing Chronicle
The doctor's point of entry to the information age. Reviews information available via the Internet and CD-ROM. Also reports on technological changes.
Qu‚bec Micro!
Provides Quebec readers coverage information and communications technologies, computer science, and all computer platforms and operating systems.
Revue EIC
Technical information for professionals in electronic OEM's and large users in the communications, automation, military, and medical industries.
Visual Convergence
For professionals in visual communications. Reports on developments in television, audio/video and multi-media industries.

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