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Hypnotherapy: Experts and Sources
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Debbie Papadakis Says Hypnotherapy Offers Everyone the Potential of Health, Wealth & Happiness
Debbie Papadakis, BCH, CI
Debbie Papadakis, BCH, CI, popular hypnotherapy expert and founder of Torontoâ##s Hypno Healing Institute invites everyone to join her for World Hypnosis Day on January 4,...
Hypnotherapist Gains Media Attention From OPRAH, MoneySense, CNN, WTN, CTV and Others.
Debbie Papadakis, BCH, CI
Debbie Papadakis, a well known Hypnotherapist based in Toronto has been gaining international media attention in publications such as Oprahâ##s O Magazine and Canadian Business Online for years, but h...
Local Author Selected to Contribute to Bestselling Series
Debbie Papadakis, BCH, CI
Debbie Papadakis, Board Certified Hypnotist & Trainer, Founder of the Toronto based Hypno Healing Institute is featured in the bestselling Adventures In Manifesting series by lska Publishing.
Renowned Hypnotherapist Receives Life Fellowship in Hypnotherapy Award
Debbie Papadakis, BCH, CI
Debbie Papadakis, founder and director of the Toronto, Canada based Hypno Healing Institute Inc. has earned the prestigious Life Fellow in Hypnotherapy award from the International Medical and Dental ...
World renowned hypnotist holds an Open House Gala and Workshop in Toronto
Debbie Papadakis, BCH, CI
Debbie Papadakis, BCH, CI, popular hypnosis expert and founder of Toronto’s Hypno Healing Institute invites everyone to join her in celebrating World Hypnotism Day (Januar...

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An intentional interpersonal relationship used by trained psychotherapists to aid a client or patient in problems of living.


Journal of Mind-Body Regulation
Peer-reviewed electronic journal publishes articles on all aspects of hypnosis in reserch, education, and practice.

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