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Muslim Communities: Experts and Sources
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Jewish group criticizes Minister's decision cancelling invitation to prominent Imam
Independent Jewish Voices
IJV is critical of Peter McKay's decision to cancel speaking invitation to Imam Zijad Delic

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The Islamophobia Myth
Malik, Kenan
Pretending that Muslims have never had it so bad might bolster community leaders and gain votes for politicians, but it does the rest of us, whether Muslim or non-Muslim, no favours at all. The more t...
Murfreesboro Islamic Center Opens
Against The Current vol. 161
Short, Jase
Against The Current
Regarding the Murfreesboro "mosque wars".
Murfreesboro vs. Islamophobia
Short, Jase; Woloszyn, Andy
Against the Current
When the Muslim community in Murfreesboro, Tennessee sought a permit to build an expanded Islamic Center, local bigots saw an opportunity to exploit the same "moral panic," invented by the Tea Party, ...
The OIC does not speak for Muslims
Fatah, Tarek
Tarek Fatah says that "To suggest that any criticism of Islamism, the political ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Iranian Ayatollahs, is anti-Islamic is a bogus and fraudulent position. I wou...
The Perils of Faith-Based Multiculturalism
The Case of Shari'a in Canada
Rahnema, Saeed
Canadian Dimension
Conservative religious leaders have become more vocal and demanding, and governments are giving in to their demands without much regard for the serious consequences for democracy and citizens’ rights.
Rethinking the challenge of anti-Muslim bigotry
Malik, Kenan
In 1997 the British anti-racist organisation the Runnymede Trust published its highly influential report Islamophobia: A Challenge for Us All. Twenty years on, the Runnymede Trust has brought out a fo...
Sources HotLink - March 21, 2016
Serial Publication (Periodical)
Refugees, censorship and North American politics. This issue looks at nine of the most influential whistleblowers in modern history. In France, instances of police violence increase tension in the ref...
Threats, attacks, obstacles, jail: what's coming between us and the Rohingya story
Tzabiras, Marianna
While images of the suffering of Rohingya migrants circulated around the world, local journalists and politicians faced restrictions in trying to report on and speak out on the issue.
Two-Nation Theory
Sources Select Resources Encyclopedia
The Two-Nation Theory is the ideology that the primary identity of Muslims in the Indian subcontinent is their religion, rather than their language or ethnicity, and therefore Indian Hindus and Muslim...
Why make a fuss about the murder of a brown-skinned Muslim girl?
Diemer, Ulli
Radical Digressions
History gives us numerous examples of social movements which come, over time, to adopt positions directly opposed to the principles on which they were founded. It appears this has happened to the 'fem...
Your Fatwa Does Not Apply Here: Untold Stories from the Fight against Muslim Fundamentalism, by Karima Bennoune (Book Review)
Droeber, Julia
Europe solidaire sans frontieres
Karima Bennoune, a US-based law scholar raised in Algeria, has written an account of the stories of numerous people whose lives have been scarred by Islamic fundamentalism and who decided, using a var...


Crescent International
The Islamic movement in news and events around the world. Specializing in Muslim world affairs.

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