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Objectivity: Experts and Sources
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A Comparative Review of Flat Earth News and Newspeak
Cook, Jonathan
A comparative review of two recent books about the media, one a mainstream view, the other using the propaganda model of media control.
Confronting the Cult of Objectivity
Education in Crisis
Di Maggio, Anthony
As the end of the semester draws near on campuses across the country, I thought I’d reflect on one of the largest threats to academic freedom in this country. I’ve long labeled this threat the “cult ...
Frame of Reference and Journalistic Integrity
Petersen, Kim
Dissident Voice
A criticism of the article, "Journalism and the Illusion of Objectivity" by Michael Holtzman, challenging Holtzman's claims on the nature of objectivity and bias in reporting.
A Life of Challenge to the Dogma of "Objectivity"
Richard Bell Is Practiced at Juggling Journalism, Advocacy and Politics
Han, Kirsten
Narco News
Journalism, advocacy, politics: Are they completely different fields or aspects of the same game? Can someone actually do all three? Richard Bell has done them all and has lived to tell the tale.
Objectivity (science)
Some people regard science as objective in this sense, and this objectivity in science is often attributed with the property of scientific measurement that can be tested independent from the individua...
What is Objective Journalism?
Edwards, David
Media Lens
Despite objectivity being widely accepted as a norm in journalism, Edwards discusses how opinion and bias are still an inherent part of 'reporting the facts.'
Who Is An Objective Journalist?
Agents of the Status Quo
Robertson, Ann; Leumer, Bill
The false dichotomy between journalists and activists.

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Inventing Reality
The Politics of News Media
Parenti, Michael
Parenti sets out to demonstrate how the news media distort important aspects of social and political life and why they do.
Newspeak in the 21st Century
Edwards, David; Cromwell, David
Revealing the lethal bias in 'balanced' reporting.
Sources Select Resources
Reviews and information about print and online resources for journalists and researchers
Reviews and information about print and online resources for journalists and researchers.
Sustaining Democracy?
Journalism and the Politics of Objectivity
Hackett, Robert A.; Zhao, Yuezhi
Tthe authors argue that "the regime of objectivity" should give way to a journalism aimed at sustaining democracy.

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