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Medical Reform Group of Ontario position on fee dispute
Medical Reform Group of Ontario
Medical Reform Group Supports Bill 94
Medical Reform Group of Ontario

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Allende, Salvador
Connexipedia Article
Democratically elected socialist president of Chile, overthrown and killed in a coup engineered by the CIA. (1908-1973).
Bannister, Roger
Sources Select Resources Encyclopedia
British runner, first to run the mile in under four minutes.
Bethune, Norman
Connexipedia Article
Canadian Communist physician, and medical innovator who developed the first mobile blood-transfusion service in Spain in 1936. (1890-1939).
The doctors who care
Callwood, June
An article about the Medical Reform Group of Ontario (MRG), a group of progressive doctors who are challenging the medical establishment and who take the position that their profession has a responsib...
If the doctor is listening, you have 11 seconds
Noakes, Susan
CBC News
U.S. study found that just 36% of doctors posed an open-ended question to get patients to talk.
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Schweitzer, Albert
Connexipedia Article
German-French theologian, musician, philosopher, and physician. (1875-1965).

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Doctors' Strike
Medical Care and Conflict in Saskatchewan
Badgley, Robin; Wolfe, Samuel


British Columbia Medical Journal
Provides continuing medical education and provides a forum for association news and members' opinions.
Canadian Family Physician
Representing more than 35,000 members across the country, the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) is the professional organization responsible for establishing standards for the training, ce...
Canadian Journal of Diagnosis
Helping physicians to improve their diagnostic skills.
Canadian Journal of Rural Medicine
Peer-reviewed journal. Health issues, rural health policies and clinical information.
Doctor's Review
Travel and leisure for Canadian physicians, with destinations a travel tips tailored to their personal & professional travel needs.
Humor magazine written for physicians.

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