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Prison Industry/Prison Industrial Complex: Experts and Sources
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Addiction and Control
Skorodin, Morton
Prisons are very profitable. There are private prisons nowadays. The people that own them have, as their mission, first and foremost, the making of money. They need as many people as possible in priso...
Can We Talk?: Censorship, Pedophilia, and Panic
Nair, Yasmin
Pederasty and pedophilia have been topics of debate in works about gay and straight history, given long-standing traditions of intergenerational sex between and among men and women. The right uses th...
40 Reasons Our Jails and Prisons Are Full of Black and Poor People
It's Not Just About Crime!
Quigley, Bill
Quigley provides a list of reasons why the majority of prisoners in US jails are Black and poor people.
How Private Prisons Game the Immigration System
Fang, Lee
The Nation
With huge profits at stake, CCA and the Geo Group are pushing discreetly for enforcement-heavy immigration reform.
How Private Prisons Profit From the Criminalization of Immigrants
Lobbying for Lock-Up
Carlsen, Laura
How a nation uses its power to deny a person’s freedom has always been a critical measure of authoritarian rule. Massive incarceration based on race, ethnic origin or nationality, political beliefs, c...
Inside Halden, the most humane prison in the world
Amelia Gentleman visits Halden, the high-security jail in Norway
Gentleman, Amelia
The Guardian
A look into the flagship prison of Norway, where recidivism after two years is only 20%, and the focus is on rehabilitation rather than punishment.
Mass Incarceration
New Jim Crow, Class War, or Both?
Lewis, Nathaniel
People's Policy Project
Using data from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health, Lewis analyzes racial and class disparities in incarceration.
Mass Incarceration for Profit
Dolinar, Brian; Kilgore, James
Against the Current
In the face of growing public criticism and improved technologies, companies like Securus search for new ways to remain competitive while marketing themselves as providers of a quality service that ke...
A New Way of Life and the New Underground Railroad
Making a Break for Freedom During the Era of Mass Incarceration
Moore-Backman, Chris
This radio documentary is the third segment in Truthout's serialization of Chris Moore-Backman's Bringing Down the New Jim Crow based on Michelle Alexander's book of the same name. The series explores...
Privately run prisoner transport company kept detainees schackedl for 18 days
Jan, Tracy
Washington Post
The inhumane treatment of people by a prisoner transport company puts into question the use of privately hired companies, where incentive to pick up as many detainees as possible for financial gain su...
The Return of Commercial Prison Labour
Scherrer, Christoph and Shah, Anil
The Bullet
Prisons are seldom mentioned under the rubric of labour market institutions such as temporary work contracts or collective bargaining agreements. Yet, prisons not only employ labour but also cast a sh...
The Shocking Ways the Corporate Prison Industry Games the System
Khalek, Rania
The United States, with just 5 percent of the world’s population, currently holds 25 percent of the world's prisoners, and for the last 30 years America’s business entrepreneurs have found a lucrative...


Press for Conversion
To oppose Canadian military exports and promote conversion of military industries and bases. Projects: anti-war toys, nuclear weapons research, links with Third World NGOs, opposing weapons bazaars.

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