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School Safety: Experts and Sources
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Field Trip Responsibility a Two-Way Street
Canada Safety Council
Oct. 17-23 is National School Safety Week and the Canada Safety Council reminds parents that they have a special role in helping to manage risks associated with field trips.
National School Safety Week - Allergy Safe Schools
Canada Safety Council
National School Safety Week is focussed on allergies within the school. Parents, guardians, students and the school board all need to work together to share the responsibility of making Canadian schoo...
National School Safety Week: Healthy Homes, Healthy Kids, Healthy Schools
Canada Safety Council
Children who are mindful of health and safety can have significant influence among their peers, and help to foster healthy school communities.A healthy lifestyle includes getting enough exercise, eati...
National School Safety Week: Helping youth define 'normal' online
Canada Safety Council
Helping young people, parents and educators understand the true scope of cyber bullying, along with positive online behaviours, can change youths' views on what is normal behaviour online. This can be...
School buses back on roads
Canada Safety Council
Drivers, prepare to stop - back-to-school season is here! The Canada Safety Council would like to remind motorists that yellow school buses are back on the roads this fall. Remain vigilant, patient an...
La Semaine nationale de la sécurité scolaire : foyers heureux, écoles saines, enfants en bonne santé
Canada Safety Council
À l’occasion de la Semaine nationale de la sécurité scolaire qui aura lieu cette année du 17 au 23 octobre, le Conseil canadien de la sécurité tient que les écoles sont des communautés d’e...

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More Than a Few Rogue Cops: the Disturbing History of Police in Schools
Henerson, Mary Anne; Platt, Brian
Another week, another video of police abuse surfaces. This time the video shows San Antonio school resource officer Joshua Kehm body-slamming 12-year-old Rhodes Middle School student Janissa Valdez. V...
On Handcuffed and Felonious Children
McElroy, Wendy
Arresting young children for a crayon drawing, not unlike the games of hangman we once all played, is the ultimate meaning and logic of Zero Tolerance. Zero tolerance involves the application of law i...
Protect Students from Corporate Data-Mining in the Classroom
Nava, Victor
National Review
Across the political spectrum there is debate as to whether data should be collected about students.

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