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Co-operative Commonwealth Federation
Connexipedia Article
A Canadian political party founded in 1932 in Calgary by a number of socialist, farm, co-operative and labour groups, and the League for Social Reconstruction. In 1944, it became the government of Sas...
Extremism goes mainstream
Across Europe far-right parties are gaining power by forming coalitions while liberals have failed to find a coherent response
Traynor, Ian
The Guardian
Right wing extremist parties that attempt to stir up racial and ethnic prejudices have been gaining support during the recession in Europe. In Denmark, the Netherlands and Italy liberals already form ...
Is that an archive in your basement... or are you just hoarding?
Sources News Release
Are you an 'accidental archivist'? Have you been saving the publications and documents produced by the social justice projects you've been involved in? Then Connexions would like to hear from you.
League for Social Reconstruction
Connexipedia Article
A circle of Canadian socialist intellectuals formed in 1931 by academics advocating radical social and economic reforms and political education.
Left parties
Introduction to the November 11, 2017 issue of Other Voices
Diemer, Ulli
"There is no alternative." That is capitalism's message in the neo-liberal era. The rich keep getting richer and richer, millions of people are unemployed, millions more are trying to survive on preca...
A Marxist History of the World part 85: June 1936: the French general strike and factory occupations
Faulkner, Neil
In the mid-1930s French workers launched a wave of strikes and occupations. Neil Faulkner explains how the Stalinised Communist Party worked to contain this resistance.
Quotes about the Left
Second International
Connexipedia Article
Organization of socialist and labour parties formed in Paris on July 14, 1889.
Where Syriza stands
Dericquebourg, Baptiste
Le Monde diplomatique
Syriza leads the leftwing coalition in Greece, and the opposition to the external financial occupation of the country by the states and organisations that are at present keeping it from bankruptcy.
Why Corbyn so terrifies the liberal elite
Cook, Jonathan
Most Labour MPs would rather destroy their own party than let Jeremy Corbyn and his backers make it fit for its 21st century purpose.


Canadian Dimension
An independent magazine of the Canadian Left, of interest to radical Left and anti-capitalist activists and interested observers.

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