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Canadian Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

70 Carson Avenue
Whitby, ON L1M 1J5

Established in 1972 with over 160 active member plastic surgeons specializing in cosmetic surgery. All members are certified by and are fellows of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (FRCSC) or the American College of Surgeons (FACS) in the specialty of plastic surgery. Our mandate is to promote and develop modern surgical techniques; to provide interchange of ideas and knowledge among qualified plastic surgeons; to advance education in the field; to maintain the highest standards in the practice of plastic surgery.

Phone: (905) 655-9889
Toll free: 1-800-263-4429
FAX: (905) 655-7319


Dr. Peter Lennox, President
1000 - 777 West Broadway, Vancouver BC V5Z 4J7
Phone: (604) 876-1300
FAX: (604) 876-1358

Dr. Richard Bendor-Samuel, Vice-President
1477 Lower Water St., Unit 7A, Halifax NS B3J 3Z2
Phone: (902) 492-2007
FAX: (902) 492-0887



Dr. Gregory Waslen
1030 10th Ave. S.W., Calgary, AB T2R 1M4
Phone: (403) 228-1313
3578 West 41st., Vancouver, BC V6N 3E6
FAX: (403) 228-1314

British Columbia:

Dr. Nicholas Carr
3578 West 41st., Vancouver, BC V6N 3E6
Phone: (604) 733-9711
FAX: (604) 733-7464


Dr. Peter Chang
Phone: (306) 359-7753
FAX: (306) 757-3316


Dr. Ken Murray
Phone: (204) 944-9982
FAX: (204) 956-0595


Dr. Julie Khanna
Phone: (905) 339-3224
FAX: (905) 842-3625


Dr. Eric Bensimon
Phone: (514) 288-9988

Nova Scotia:

Dr. Richard Bendor-Samuel
Phone: (902) 492-2007
FAX: (902) 492-0887

New Brunswick:

Dr. Mihkel Oja
Phone: (506) 459-8126
FAX: (506) 459-1774

2018 Annual Meeting - September 21-28, 2018

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