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Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care

80 Grosvenor St.
Hepburn Block, 10th Fl.
Toronto, ON  M7A 2C4
Phone:  416-327-4300
FAX:  416-327-3679
Mandate:  The Ministry is leading the health system into the new millennium with a consumer-centred and decentralized structure that will better manage health resources. Integration of the Ministry's activities gives us the opportunity to concentrate on making the best services available to Ontarians in communities across the province.

Eric Hoskins, Minister

Areas of Expertise

  1. Aboriginal Health
  2. Addiction
  3. Aging/Elderly Care & Support
  4. AIDS & HIV
  5. Cancer Care
  6. Cancer Diagnosis
  7. Cancer Statistics
  8. Cardiac Care
  9. Child & Adolescent Programs
  10. Children at Risk
  11. Children/Health
  12. Community Health
  13. Community Services/Seniors
  14. Dental Health
  15. Dentistry
  16. Drinking Water
  17. E. Coli
  18. Emergency Preparedness
  19. Food Safety
  20. H1N1 - Swine Flu
  21. Handwashing
  22. Health
  23. Health Care
  24. Health Care Costs
  25. Health Care Delivery
  26. Health Care Delivery Models
  27. Health Care Facilities
  28. Health Care Funding
  29. Health Care Human Resources
  30. Health Care in Canada
  31. Health Care in Ontario
  32. Health Care Legislation
  33. Health Care Organizations
  34. Health Care Planning
  35. Health Care Providers
  36. Health Care Resources
  37. Health Care Systems
  38. Health Care Workers
  39. Health Clinics
  40. Health Economics
  41. Health Expenditures
  42. Health Information
  43. Health Insurance
  44. Health Networks
  45. Health Policy
  46. Health Professionals
  47. Health Professionals/Education
  48. Health Promotion
  49. Health Records Administration
  50. Health & Safety
  51. Hepatitis
  52. Hospitals
  53. Hospitals/Psychiatric
  54. Hygiene
  55. Immunization
  56. Infant Development
  57. Infectious Diseases
  58. Infectious Diseases Notification
  59. Influenza
  60. Listeria
  61. Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs)
  62. Long-Term Care
  63. Medical Devices
  64. Medical Health
  65. Medical Laboratories
  66. Medicare
  67. Mental Health
  68. Mumps
  69. Nurse Practitioners
  70. Organ Donations
  71. Organ Donor Registry
  72. Organ Transplants
  73. Pandemics
  74. Patient Guidelines
  75. Patient Safety
  76. Patients' Rights
  77. Post-Natal Care
  78. Public Health
  79. Seniors
  80. Seniors/Health Care
  81. Seniors/Long Term Care
  82. Seniors/Long-Term Care Legislation
  83. Seniors' Rights
  84. Wait Times
  85. Waiting Lists
  86. Water Safety
  87. Water & Sanitation
  88. Women's Issues

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