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War Criminals: Experts and Sources
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Death of a Hero
The General, The Media Adulation And The Forgotten Victims
Cromwell, David
If all this glorification of a military commander had happened in the North Korean or the Soviet-era press, lavishly praising an 'original' who'd given years of 'patriotic service' in wars abroad, it ...
Fighting Secrecy and the National Security State
An Interview With Birgitta Jonsdottir, the Co-Producer of WikiLeaks's "Collateral Murder" Video
Bernstein, Dennis
Counter Punch
An interview with Iceland Member of Parliament Birgitta Jonsdottir of the Pirate Party on the status of the international struggle against government secrecy and surveillance.
How We Fought the War
Bob Kerrey's Revolting Medal of Honor
St. Clair, Jeffrey; Cockburn, Alexander
Counter Punch
On May 16, 2016, former Nebraska Senator Bob Kerrey was named chairman of Fulbright University, a US-backed college with ties to the State Department in Ho Chi Minh City. During his recent visit to Vi...
Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction: Who Said What When
St. Clair, Jeffrey; Cockburn, Alexander
This is a list of quotations is excerpted from Imperial Crusades: a Diary of Three Wars.
Other Voices: The Connexions Newsletter - February 12, 2015
Diemer, Ulli (editor); Khan, Tahmid (production)
Serial Publication (Periodical)
This week we're featuring the 40-point program which SYRIZA, the Greek coalition of the radical left, put forward to win the Greek election. Oliver Tickell writes about the mass media's latest campaig...
The Sociopath as Hero
Clint Eastwood's War Prayer
Edwards, Paul
American movie audiences have long loved violent heroes. Edwards discusses the box office hit of the moment, 'American Sniper', and the implications of the Hollywood War Porn industry.
Top 50 US War Criminals
Swanson, David
Brief profiles of men and women who planned wars of agression and other war crimes.
The War Crimes of a Sergeant, the War Crimes of a Nation
A Double Standard of Justice
McNamara, Tom
It is alleged that on the evening of March 10-11, 2012, US Army Staff Sgt. Robert Bales left his base in Kandahar Province, Afghanistan, fully armed and loaded, and murdered 16 civilians in a nearby v...

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Media Think
Winter, James
Increasingly the news media are owned by a small group of very large corporations with extensive interests outside the industry, run by the corporate elite.Winter argues that instead of offering diver...
The Memory of Justice
Ophuls, Marcel (director)
The Memory of Justice is a 1976 documentary film directed by Marcel Ophüls. It explores the subject of atrocities committed in wartime.

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