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Effective Media Relations

Nurturing your relationships with reporters

Your relationships with the journalists who cover your organization’s issues are some of the most vital ones to your success. All too often however, we only think of these relationships as something to call upon when we need them. However, like any living thing, our relationships with journalists need to be maintained over time in order to be fruitful.

Journalists turn to you for information if they know they can rely on you for credible, accurate information, not self-serving advertorial. By forwarding interesting news about research, developments and ongoing trends in your industry - not necessarily directly about your organization - that you pick up at conferences, events or from colleagues, you can nurture a mutually beneficial relationship with journalists that will reward you hundred-fold.

Take the time to get to know the reporters you want to reach. Do a search through their publications archives, now usually available on the Internet. Read articles they have written that relate to your organization. Each reporter has a different interests and priorities. By tailoring your approach to a reporter, you can greatly increase your chances of coverage.

The basics always apply. All the relationship nurturing in the world won’t benefit you if you fail to return journalists’ calls within the day, don’t provide clear, concise, relevant story information, and don’t have additional graphic, video and print materials.

With proper care, the relationships you and your organization develop with journalists can last a lifetime - and benefit all of you.

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