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Newsroom tips from The Canadian Press

Provide news they can use - timely, national, trendy, hard news, monitor CP news, calendars and advisories to match your story to what they are covering.

Monitor the news - offer your spokesperson as an expert on news of the day - prepare rapid response logistics and protocols.

Use common sense - find the relevant CP staffer to pitch to. Send your release to the appropriate reporter or editor - if turned down, don't shop around within CP. Don't be a "time bandit."

Be prepared - why should CP care? Be prepared to answer "who benefits from this news?"

Be ready - explain context - how your news impacts other organizations - share prices, number of employees, market.

Have facts nearby: number of employees, annual revenue, head office location, number of retail outlets etc.

Avoid calling in the late afternoon between 4 and 6 p.m. and back off when it's a hectic news day, what CP calls a "Red Ball."

Be a CP news junkie - use Command News.

Review the CP Style Guide and Caps and Spelling. And if you have a question on style, call or E-mail the editors. They do get back to you very quickly.

(Source for tips: The Canadian Press, 2005)

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