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Social and Sexual Revolution
Essays on Marx and Reich

Ollman, Bertell

Publisher:  Pluto Press, London, United Kingdom
Year Published:  1979  
Pages:  228pp   ISBN:  0-86104-082-1
Resource Type:  Book

A collection of essays by Bertell Ollman. Ollman tackles issues such as Karl Marx's concepts of class, class consciousness, and communism; he argues for the absorption of Wilhelm Reich's insights about the social function of sexual repression in maintaining capitalist relations; and he dicusses the various problems involved in trying to teach 'Marxism' in an academic context without destroying its central purpose as an instrument of class struggle.


Table of Contents


I. Marx
1. Towards Class Consciousness Next Time: Marx and the Working Class
2. Marx's Use of "Class"
3. Marx's Vision of Communism
4. Marxism and Political Science: Prolegomenon to a Debate on Marx's Method

II. Reich
5. Social and Sexual Revolution
6. The Marxism of Wilhelm Reich: The Social Function of Sexual Repression

III. Minor Pieces
7.1 Reply to Stolzman's Critique of "On Teaching Marxism"
7.2 Reply to Mussachia's Critique of "Social and Sexual Revolution"
7.3 Comment on Kelly's "Alienation"
7.4 Review of Miliband's Marxism and Politics
7.5 Of Marxism and Universities
7.6 Review of Henri Lefebvre's Sociology of Marx


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