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The Liberated Man
Beyond Masculinity: Freeing Men and Their Relationship with Women

Farrell, Warren
Publisher:  Bantam Books, New York, USA
Year Published:  1975  
Pages:  353pp  
Resource Type:  Book

Farrell explores the problems that men face and suggests new approaches to better male-female relationships.


Table of Contents

Before the Liberated Man:
Questionaire on Feelings toward Women and Masculinity
A Personal Introduction . . .
Introducing Human Vocabulary

Part One
Beyond Masculinity
Women's Liberation and the Masculine Mystique: The
Neglected Connection
The Masculine Value System: Men Defining Reality
The Development of Masculinity
The Confines of Masculinity
Super Bowl: Sexism, Patriotism, Religion, Gangs and Warfare
Masculine Images in Advertising
The Family: Redefining Motherhood and Fatherhood
Concrete Alternatives: Toward a Men's Liberation Movement

Part Two
Women's Liberation as Men's Liberation: Toward a Change in Behavior
Factual and Self-Fulfilling Myths
Women's Liberation as Men's Liberation: Twenty-one Examples
Highlights of Experiments on Changing Men's Attitudes
Changing Behavior: The Subtleties and Barriers

Part Three
Men's and Joint Consciousness-Raising:
Toward Human Liberation
Men's Consciousness-Raising: Tools for Beyond Masculinity
Joint Consciousness-Raising: Where the Future Lies
Additional Problems, Topics and Techniques in Running
Consciousness-Raising Groups

Bibliography of Resources
Bibliography for Starting a Child-Care Center
Appendix: Scoring Mechanism and
Interpretation for Questionaire

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