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Masters and Johnson on Sex and Human Loving

Masters, William H., Johnson, Virginia E, Kolodny, Robert C.
Publisher:  Brown & Co., Boston, USA
Year Published:  1985  
Pages:  598pp  
Dewey:  306.7
Resource Type:  Book

Sex researchers William H. Masters, Virginia E. Johnson, and Robert C. Kolodny present a comprehensive and readable survey of their findings on the complexities - biological, psychological, and social - that make up human sexuality.


Table of Contents

Perspectives on Sexuality
Sexual Anatomy
Sexual Physiology
Birth Control
Childhood Sexuality
Adolescent Sexuality
Adult Sexuality
Gender Roles
Loving and Being Loved
Intimacy and Communication Skills
Sexual Fantasy
Solitary Sexual Behavior
Homosexuality and Bisexuality
The Varieties of Sexual Behavior
Coercive Sex: The Varieties of Sexual Assault
Increasing Sexual Satisfaction
Sexual Dysfunctions and Sex Therapy
Sexual Disorders and Sexual Health
Sexually Transmitted Diseases
The Future of Sexuality
Selected Bibliography


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