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Gender and Sexuality
Canadian History Through the Stories of Activists

Neigh, Scott
Publisher:  Fernwood Publications, Canada
Year Published:  2012  
Pages:  224pp   Price:  $24   ISBN:  9781552665213
Resource Type:  Book

Stories, accounts and histories of the movements to overcome racism, sexism and poverty.

The freedoms and liberties that every community, workplace and individual in Canada enjoys are due to the many struggles and social movements in our country’s history. Yet the stories, accounts and histories of the movements to overcome racism, sexism and poverty, for example, remain largely untold, thanks to the single, simplistic national story taught to the masses in school. Deftly combining history with accounts from activists and participants in social movements, Scott Neigh introduce us to the untold histories of crucial issues in contemporary Canadian society that challenge all of us to engage in the struggles that will shape our shared tomorrow.

Gender and Sexuality unearths a diverse spectrum of struggle through the accounts of longstanding activists and social movement participants. From Indigenous women working against colonization and Christian women trying to end sexism and homophobia in their churches, to gay men opposing sexual oppression and women fighting against hostile employers and violence, this book reveals the ways that gender and sexual oppression — and the struggles against them — have shaped our society.

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