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Sources is the leading Canadian company used by intitutions and non-profit organisations to enhance their public profile. Sources, listing thousands of experts, media contacts and spokespersons has been a constantly used ficture on Canadian journalists' desks.

Sources aims to help students on their way to become a professional journalist, editor, writer or reporter.

We have some useful links ready for you to reach the right media contacts and spokespeople you need for your story.

We also provide some articles that should get you started to become a professional journalist, writer or editor.

Need an expert or spokesperson:

Sources Directory The directory of experts, contacts and media spokespersons.
Find how to include yourself in Sources.
Sources Calendar Check out newsworthy events from across Canada.
News Releases Media releases from clients of the Sources media relations service.
Google Directory of Canada's print and broadcast media.
Wikipedia Full contact information for government, political parties, lobbyists, and embassies.
Student PressExchange a free online community for student media that includes discussion boards, chat, an online editor's guidebook and a photo exchange service.