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Academic Freedom: Experts and Sources
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Academics, Students, Community Members Slam Carleton U Attempt to Stifle Class Discussions and Academic Freedom
Independent Jewish Voices
Coalition of academics, students and community members rejects Carleton University administration attempt to stifle discussion of issues related to Israel, Palestine and the Middle East.
Author warns coalition of MPs (CPCCA) intent on criminalizing free speech on Israel/Palestine
Seriously Free Speech Committee
The author of a new book on antisemitism kicks off a Western Canada tour Sept. 17 to sound an alarm that a coalition of MPs (CPCCA) is intent on outlawing criticism of Israel as being antisemitic, pos...
Jenny Peto speaks at UBC, downtown Vancouver on Palestinian rights, threats to academic freedom
Seriously Free Speech Committee
Jenny Peto, whose Master's thesis was attacked in the Ontario legislature for being anti-semitic, is speaking in Vancouver on Fri. at UBC and Sat. at SFU Harbour Centre on the growing threats to acade...
Jenny Peto speaks in Vancouver on Ontario furore over her Master’s thesis, defends academic freedom, right to criticize Israel
Seriously Free Speech Committee
Jenny Peto, whose Master's thesis was attacked in the Ontario legislature for being anti-semitic, is speaking in Vancouver on Sat., Feb. 12 as part of a panel discussing growing threats to academic fr...
Jewish Group Commends UofT Provost for Supporting Freedom of Inquiry
Independent Jewish Voices
Jewish group defends University of Toronto's support for academic freedom in the face of attacks on thesis questionning the misuse of the Holocaust for political purposes.
Sources welcomes the Seriously Free Speech Committee
Seriously Free Speech Committee
Sources welcomes a new member: the Seriously Free Speech Committee. The SFSC is committed to free expression of views on Israel/Palestine.

Sources Select Resources

Aaron Swartz and the Assault on Open Information
Malicious Government Prosecution
Geovanis, Chris
The great corporate-supported push to hide essential, publicly funded information behind private firewalls and government secrecy, represents a breathtaking breach of the basic tenets of democracy.
Connexions Library: Education, Children Focus
Selected articles, books, websites and other resources on education and children.
A Different Kind of Safe Space
Gup,, Ted
The Chronicle of Higher Education
Words are dangerous, but not as dangerous as efforts to suppress them, be it by government or dean -- and certainly not as insidious as self-censorship.
The End of Academic Freedom in America: the Case of Steven Salaita
Proyect, Louis
In the years I spent at Columbia University, there was always some professor or another coming under attack from the Israel lobby. But no matter the intensity of the witch-hunt, I was always proud to ...
For Free Expression on Palestine
Podur, Justin
The Bulletin
'Free speech' - as long as it doesn't offend anyone
Diemer, Ulli
Canadian Dimension - Volume 43, Number 1 - January/February 2009
On the issue of free speech most of the right and much of the left are in agreement, and so too are many liberals, activists, and human rights apparatchiks. They hold essentially the same position on ...
Free Speech in an Age of Identity Politics
Malik, Kenan
Transcript of Malik's TB Davie Memorial lecture on academic freedom at the University of Cape Town.
The High Cost of Skepticism
What happened to two scientists who believed that tenure and First Amendment would protect their rights to free inquiry
Tavris, Carol
Skeptical Inquirer
Here’s what happened to two scientists who believed that tenure and the First Amendment would protect their rights to free inquiry.
Oil CEO Wanted University Quake Scientists Dismissed: Dean's E-Mail
The billionaire CEO of Continental Resources told a dean at the University of Oklahoma that he wanted earthquake researchers dismissed.
The Salaita Affair
Lessons Heard and Lessons Learned
Ramahi, Omar M.
Professor Steven Salaita was to begin his new faculty appointment in Fall 2014 as a tenured Associate Professor in the American Indian Studies Program at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign...
Science and liberation
Science as human curiosity, as authority, and as business
Podur, Justin
The conservative movement’s attack on science has several prongs. Where they can attain government office, as in Canada, they use the highly effective tools of funding and de-funding, and regulation a...
Sources Select Universities, Colleges, and Institutes
Academic experts available to take media calls about their area of expertise.
When Free Speech Becomes Dead Silence - The Israel Lobby And A Cowed Academia
Media Lens
The sudden cancellation of an academic conference on Israel, as well as the lack of outcry from 'mainstream' media, demonstrates once again the skewed limits to 'free speech' in 'advanced' Western dem...

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