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Cuba-United States Relations: Experts and Sources
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Alan Gross's Improbable Tales on 60 Minutes
Peppe, Matt
Dissident Voice
In a dramatic segment on CBS News' 60 Minutes titled "The Last Prisoner of the Cold War," former United States Agency for International Development (USAID) subcontractor Alan Gross tells of horrifying...
Another Vote on Washington's Anti-Cuba Policy at the United Nations
The Politics of Isolation
Nahem, Ike
Resolution A/68/L.6, sponsored by Cuba, passed this year, for the 22nd year in a row, with Washington once again in humiliating political loneliness. The vote this year was 188-2 in favor, with 3 abst...
The Blockade Against Cuba: An Assault Upon Humanity's Conscience
Muzaffar, Chandra
On 29 October 2013, for the 22nd consecutive year, the UN General Assembly (UNGA) called for an end to the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States of America against C...
Cuba 1959 to 1980s
The Unforgivable Revolution
Blum, William
Common Courage Press
An account of the CIA's continuing covert war against Cuba.
Failed Cuban "Twitter" Project Designed By U.S. Government Contractors
Chatterjee, Pratap
CorpWatch Blog
ZunZuneo - a now defunct social media platform similar to Twitter – was designed to undermine the Cuban government by two private contractors: Creative Associates International (CAI) from Washington D...
14 Years of Injustice
Time to Free the Cuban Five
Landau, Saul
Counter Punch
Five Cubans fighting terrorism in south Florida have served 14 years of prison, more than enough time for the US public to learn from its media about the horrific injustice done by the US government t...
"Listen, Yankee!": Tom Hayden Captures Absurdity of Cuban Embargo
Glennon, Patrick
The US embargo of Cuba, like a bad hangover from the Cold War, has lingered on for far too long. After decades of bingeing on the country's particularly potent brand of anticommunism, the nation's rul...
Political Prisoners Remain Behind Bars as Obama's Term Nears End
Peppe, Matt
Dissident Voice
In the last full week of Barack Obama's eight year tenure as President of the United States of America, dozens of political prisoners still sit in cages across the nation's prisons, rotting away as Ob...
UN General Assembly in One Voice (Almost) Rejects U.S. Cuban Blockade
Whitney, W.T.
The United Nations General Assembly on October 27, 2015 voted on a Cuban resolution calling for "an end to the economic, commercial, and financial blockade imposed by the United States of America agai...

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Necessary Illusions
Thought Control in Democratic Societies
Chomsky, Noam
An inquiry into the nature of the media and the role of intellectuals in "a political system where the population cannot be disciplined by force, and thus must be subjected to more subtle forms of ide...

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