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Hackers: Experts and Sources
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Enraged hacker resorts to aggressive methods against French journalist and website
Reporters Without Borders
Gregory Chelli, a French hacker living in the Israeli city of Ashdod, has been using extraordinarily aggressive methods to harass Benoit le Corre, a journalist with the French news website Rue89

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Chaos Computer Club: Europe's biggest hackers' congress underway in Hamburg
Janjevic, Darko
Some 12,000 hackers are challenging the power of Google, Facebook and Youtube to filter information and shape users' view of the world. One of them demonstrated how to hack into VW's cheating software...
Documents Reveal Canada's Secret Hacking Tactics
Gallagher, Ryan
The Intercept
Canada's electronic surveillance agency has secretly developed an arsenal of cyberweapons capable of stealing data and destroying adversaries' infrastructure, according to newly revealed classified do...
Extraordinary Violence at 500 Pearl Street
The Sentencing of Jeremy Hammond
Tarrant, Anthony
Dissident Voice
On Friday, November 15, 2013, extreme violence with malicious intent was meted out by Federal District Court Judge Loretta Preska in the sentencing phase of 28 year old hacktivist Jeremy Hammond befor...
Hacktivist Jeremy Hammond Sentenced to 10 Years
His Idealism Remains at Large
Hayase, Nozomi
Dissident Voice
28-year-old political activist Jeremy Hammond was sentenced to 10 years in prison and three years of supervised release at the Federal District Court for the Southern District of New York. This was th...
Internet Hackers and the Real Threat They Expose
Government and Corporations are the Real Problem
Lopez, Alfredo
Counter Punch
There were nearly ten major cyber attacks in August 2013 against very prominent targets such as The New York Times.
'Can you hear me?': New phone scam tricks you into answering 'yes'
Snowdon, Wallis
CBC News
Describes a new telephone scam being run in North America, wherein a recording of one's voice saying the word 'yes' is used to defraud victims.
Popular Security Software Came Under Relentless NSA and GCHQ Attacks
Fishman, Andrew; Marquis-Boire, Morgan
The Intercept
The National Security Agency and its British counterpart, Government Communications Headquarters, have worked to subvert anti-virus and other security software in order to track users and infiltrate n...
Spelling mistake prevented hackers taking $1bn in bank heist
The Guardian
New York Fed reveals spelling of 'foundation' as 'fandation' prompted bank to seek clarification and stop transfer, but hackers still got away with about $80m.
Spies Hacked Computers Thanks to Sweeping Secret Warrants, Aggressively Stretching U.K. Law
Fishman, Andrew; Greenwald, Glenn
The Intercept
British spies have received government permission to intensively study software programs for ways to infiltrate and take control of computers. The GCHQ spy agency was vulnerable to legal action for th...
Stuxnet on the Loose
Security for the One Percent
Blunden, Bill
Suspicions that the Stuxnet computer worm was indeed developed by the United States and Israel has once again exposed American exceptionalism. Espionage and sabotage are presented as intolerable crimi...
Think the Left Won the Culture War? Think Again
deBoer, Fredrik
With the recent AshleyMadison leak and's notorious naming and shaming of an obscure, married publishing executive, deBoer questions who really won in this culture war.
US was 'key player in cyber-attacks on Iran's nuclear programme'
Obama reported to have approved bid to target Tehran's nuclear efforts
Beaumont, Peter; Hopkins, Peter
The Guardian
Fresh light is shed on the rapid development of US cyberwarfare capability and reveal its willingness to use cyber weapons offensively to achieve policies.
Watch your attachments: Microsoft Office bug lets hackers take over computers
A dangerous new security vulnerability has been discovered in Microsoft's Office software, threatening to hijack users of virtually every existing version of Windows. The bug in question affects progr...

Sources Bookshelf

Dark Market
Cybethieves, Cybercops and You
Glenny, Misha
Investigative research into a hackers' cybermarket where cyberthieves exchange tricks and tips. The author finds the individuals who founded the site and also tackles the problem of policing these cri...

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