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Town of Markham

101 Town Centre Blvd.
Markham, ON L3R 9W3

Markham, a municipality of more than 300,000 residents centrally located in the Greater Toronto Area, is Canada's most diverse community and home to many of Canada's leading life science and technology businesses. It is renowned for a rich heritage, vibrant neighbourhoods, and leadership on the environment and urban design.

E-mail:first initial+last

Frank Scarpitti, Mayor
Phone:(905) 475-4872
FAX:(905) 479-7775

Jack Heath, Deputy Mayor
Phone:(905) 415-7506
FAX:(905) 479-7763

Jim Jones, Regional Councillor
Phone:(905) 479-7757
FAX:(905) 479-7763

Gordon Landon, Regional Councillor
Phone:(905) 415-7534
FAX:(905) 479-7763

Joseph Virgilio, Regional Councillor
Phone:(905) 479-7749
FAX:(905) 479-7763

John Livey, Chief Administrative Officer
Phone:(905) 479-7755
FAX:(905) 415-7504

Stephen Chait, Director of Economic Development
Phone:(905) 475-4871
FAX:(905) 475-4888

Janet Carnegie, Director of Communications and Community Relations
Phone:(905) 475-4723
Media phone:(905) 415-7548
FAX:(905) 475-4741

Dennis Flaherty, Manager, Strategic Communications
Phone:(905) 415-7520

Andy Taylor, Commissioner of Corporate Services
Phone:(905) 475-4705
FAX:(905) 479-7769

Jim Baird, Commissioner of Development Services and Planning
Phone:(905) 475-4875
FAX:(905) 479-7768

Brenda Librecz, Commissioner of Community and Fire Services
Phone:(905) 477-7000, ext. 7761

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