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Tommy Lee, assistant vice-president in charge of special projects for the Royal Trust Co. before his early retirement a year ago, died Oct. 16 in a Toronto hospital of pulmonary fibrosis. He was 61. A former reporter, weekly publisher and aviator, he was widely known and respected latterly as a senior public relations officer for Royal Trust.

*  *  *

Toronto freelancer Val Clery is pulling together an anthology of feature articles published in English in Canada since 1950. Clery hopes the book will help redress a neglect of non-fiction writers by the publishing industry.

The articles, arranged chronologically, will be placed in their context by a critical text. Clery wants to draw mainly on profiles and life-style features to bring out "the social texture of the times."

The book is being partially financed by an $8000 Canada Council grant and discussions with an interested publisher are underway.

*  *  *

Off to a promising start is the Washington Journalism Review (premiere issue, October 1977), which appears to strike a balance between the venerable Columbia Journalism Review and newer, slicker, MorE, both New York-based.

WJR's first number explores the phenomenon of newsletters (more than 300 are published out of Washington, employing more than 1,000 reporters and editors), exploitation by magazines of freelancers (and freelancer's exploitation of magazines) and the relationship of broadcast regulation, broadcasters profits and freedom of the air.

Subscription rates for U.S, and Canada are $16 a year, $29 for two and $42 for three. Send subscription correspondence to WJR, 3122 M Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20007.

*  *  *

There was a flurry of embarrassment around The Columbian ("Suburban Vancouver's Daily Newspaper") when a special reprint of one edition with a du Maurier ad filling the broadsheet front page escaped with a bundle of papers.

One Richmond newsdealer actually sold a few at 15¢ before they were hastily scooped up by circulation people.

*  *  *

Syd Matthews & Partners Ltd., publishers of Matthews' List and Matthews' CATV, has been sold to Robbie and Neil Oakley of Publicorp Communications Inc. in Pointe Claire, Que. The two quarterly publications carry detailed information for PR personnel on Canada's 1200 media outlets and services.

"Thanks to word-processing technology, Matthews will be easier to read and data will be hardly a week old when it arrives on your desk," the Oakleys advises.

The new address for Matthews is Publicorp Communications Inc.. Box 1172, Pointe Claire, Quebec H9S 4H9.


Published in Content's SOURCES December 1977


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