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Tories are Suffocating the CBC, the Country

By John Trent

...the present Conservative leadership is ignoring the basic lessons of Canadian history. It is turning its back on its own traditions...

Since coming to power the Conservatives have systematically imposed a policy of suffocation on all the areas that are important for Canada as a sovereign and competent country... including... cultural and communications policy and institutions...

Suffocation has several characteristics that are beneficial to the Conservative government. It can be imposed by the one in control of dominant power. While it is slow, it eventually kills. It is silent. It gradually incapacitates, often without being perceived. The (suffocating institution) finds it impossible to communicate (its) increasing agony. When the final paroxysm arrives it is too late for revival.

...this is what is happening to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation..

From "Put Your Mittens On, Susie, an Essay on Canadian Political Culture", by John Trent, presented at the annual meeting of the Council of Canadians, Ottawa, October, 1986.

This article originally appeared in Sources, Winter 1986/1987 issue.

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