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Trade mark infringement-NOT!


sources is a federally-registered trade mark, and has been since 1977. Any organization that is in a comparable business to ours- such as publishing, databases, information storage-and that uses "sources" or a name like it will be infringing our trade mark.

"sources" also happens to be a word everyone's discovering. While this is comforting, a lot of those discovering it seem unaware of trade mark legislation.

Many clearly do not have a search conducted before they proceed to call their publication, or section or supplement, sources-this or something-sources.

Thanks to those who have drawn four such infringements to our attention in the past few months. We ask that anyone who sees a likely infringement let us know pronto.

Remember, there's only one sources. It's the one for journalists. Accept no substitutes.


Published in Sources, Summer 1992.


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